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In here is the list of all major events that took place in the land of OT since the beginning of its founding

t/10180 - t/99260: Olden Era

The founding era of OT, created when Supreme Ruler Peppy split GD into OT. The first inhabitants of OT then migrated from GD, with new denizens coming shortly after. This is supposedly the only era to have a period of time in which quality was intact. Quite a bit of records in this era are already lost to time, but it is known that denizen enjoyed playing games very much.

t/99260 - t/435010: Valhalla Era

The era in which the Lords formed and started ruling over the denizens. It is the era of tradition and remembrance. Events were regularly organized and participated in.

t/435010 - t/671350: Fag Era

The era in which OT experienced its first influx of new denizens, causing a catastrophic shift that led to a civil war between older and newer denizens. It brought doomsday upon the old, leaving OT with a dynamic hyperactiveness the Lords struggled to keep control of. Denizens of this era regularly organized OT Events and searched for the meaning of quality while failing at it miserebly.

  • p/4986918: Lord Brian OA resigns; Overlord Ephemeral Farquaad declares the end of the valhalla period
    p/5007099: Overlord Ephemeral Farquaad outlaws resurrection of older works
    p/5008612: Origins of the cancerous urban myth
    p/5011263: Researcher abraker creates the book of Lords
    p/5020240: Denizen Fourth first comes to OT
    p/5028948: Denizen levesterz first comes to OT
    p/5036031: Denizen Razzy first comes to OT
    p/5040833: The Off-Topic Hunger Games [The Bloodbath]
    p/5060185: Roshan, the first of the three 1st gen legendary shitposters comes to OT
    p/5067360: Roshan is recognized as the worst shitposter of the time
    p/5080716: Denizen KupcaH first comes to OT
    p/5093186: The new Lord Stefan Threadlock is recognized by the the denizens of OT
    p/5125880: Denizen Tae first comes to OT (REDACTED)
    p/5143755: Researcher abraker visits the land of GD
    p/5169024: Denizen Fizzn first comes to OT
    p/5158777: Denizens celebrate xxjesus1412fanx's birthday
    p/5187966: Denizen Yoeri's last moment in OT
    p/5193739: Denizens show opposition to the new OT Lord, Stefan Lockthread
    p/5201559: Legendary shitposter Roshan strikes OT with his formula
    p/5214292: Lord Stefan Lockthread strikes Legendary shitposter Roshan for striking OT
    p/5237624: Denizen Kisses sets up an arena for Railey and Khelly to brawl
    p/5241999: - Magic Girl - requests the denizens of OT to do their worst
    p/5249064: Denizen Endaris first comes to OT
    p/5251052: Denizens look up to foreign lord Uni Night
    p/5279677: Denizens question the whereabouts of jesus1412
    p/5296161: The underground leg market is erected
    p/5301994: Overlord Ephmeral Farquaad cracks down on the underground leg market
    p/5341260: f********, the second of the three 1st gen legendary shitposters comes to OT
    p/5350697: After the crackdown of the underground leg market, researcher abraker creates another leg market, but is shutdown too
    p/5355327: Canadian Baka first comes to OT
    p/5411713: Denizen Flannel first comes to OT
    p/5463462: Later to be known Outcast AsrielDr33murr first comes to OT
    p/5551774: Denizens notice the changing of colors within Overlord Ephemeral Farquaad
    p/5525539: Denizen Blitzfrog first comes to OT
    p/5527301: Denizens rebel against moving degenerate threads from other forum into OT
    p/5528619: Denizen Railey2 and scientist abraker sacrifice denizens after discovering they can't see pictures
    p/5537965: f******** leads the worst post streak in OT history, with other denizens following as well
    p/5538191: Denizens praise f********
    p/5545066: Endaris proposes elections for the next OT lord
    p/5555598: Denizens miss Trash Boat
    p/5567005: Overlord Ephemeral Farquaad creates a place where denizens can scream their worries away
    p/5575326: Shitposting general Blitzfrog shows no remorse to his necromancy
    p/5579899: Lord Stefan Threadlock returns from hiatus
    p/5586187: Scientist abraker locates the lord's lair
    p/5600178: f******** demonizes himself
    p/5603058: Origin of Blitzfrog's infamous "deez nuts" quote
    p/5652138: The death of the 2nd shitposting legend
    p/5637075: Denizen John first comes to OT
    p/5670153: Denizens praise ColdTooth
    p/5673960: Questioning concerning quality work of OT
    p/5699497: Denizen Allmynamestaken comes to OT
    p/5703456: Johnmedina999 declares candidacy for OT president
    p/5709491: Avatar Week #7: Old avatar week 2016 - 2017
    p/5713236: Origin of abraker's infamous "ye olde OT" quote
    p/5721053: Lord Stefan Threadlock explains his hiatus
    p/5756564: Denizen Allmynamestaken creates the Lord Stefan Threadlock Records
    p/5766395: Scientist abraker creates records detailing conflicts that occur in the foreign warrior lands
    p/5773775: Scientist abraker hits at a new OT era and identifies the lengendery shitposters that mark the beginning of it
    p/5782198: Denizen Zekks first comes to OT
    p/5790763: Shitposting General Blitzfrog creates the book of Denizens
    p/5812230: Denizen Serraionga first comes to OT
    p/5822593: thelewa's last moment in OT
    p/5832600: Lord Stefan Lockthread statement of taking over OT (REDACTED)
    p/5832744: Allmynamestaken comes up with the first ever article detailing OT events called "OT news"
    p/5834249: johnmedina999 speaks against Lord Stefan Threadlock
    p/5834750: Scientist abraker publishes OT's 2017 Quarter 1 report, detailing OT events in his vision
    p/5840983: Scientist abraker creates the OT Population Records
    p/5865115: Denizens in OT scramble for cover as Legendary shitposter f******** makes his way back to OT
    p/5867893: Denizen Kai first comes to OT
    p/5869841: [ - Zekks - ] voices a future of OT without Shitposting General Blitzfrog
    p/5872300: Following the voicing, [ - Zekks - ] becomes The Executioner and conducts the 1st executions
    p/5874869: Denizen Comfy Slippers first comes to OT
    p/5877488: Origins of DryBones81's infamous "... 53 cents" quote
    p/5883765: Executioner [ - Zekks - ] conducts the 2nd executions
    p/5888055: Denizens where Overlord Ephemeral is
    p/5890912: Epic Rap battle F******** V.S Lord Lockthread Stefan
    p/5893872: Denizen Meah speculates reason for shitposting legend Roshan's return
    p/5897629: Shitposting general Blitzfrog senses the start of the Fag Era
    p/5859737: Actor MAniACK_Magee first comes to OT
    p/5897891: Denizen Meah creates a place to diagnose denizens
    p/5900448: Shitposting general Blitzfrog creates a guide for the denizens on achieving quality standards of living in the land of OT
    p/5901517: Scientist abraker releases an unfinished document detailing records across the osu! planet
    p/5908168: Blitz x Kai99 fanfic
    p/5913225: Denizens wonder what Lord Stefan lockthread's lock tastes like
    p/5914875: Scientist abraker releases top secret images depicting the lord's lairs
    p/5915186: Denizens call for the liberation of ITT2
    p/5915207: Lord Stefan Threadlock threatens to demolish the ITT accords, so denizens create their own ITTs
    p/5915340: Denizen Blitzfrog calls for the new ITT norm
    p/5916449: Denizen Comfy Slippers's ode to ITT2
    p/5917708: Denizen Hika threatens Lord Stafan Lockthread with ITT3
    p/5918234: Denizens furious with the disapearance of ITT2
    p/5922818: johnmedina999 announces the OT!News
    p/5925690: Denizen Enetro first comes to OT
    p/5931049: Shitposting General Blitzfrog takes refuge from denizen Meah in his newly created thread
    p/5931181: Lord Stefan Threadlock announces his resignation
    p/5934673: Denizen Blitzfrog sets sights on a new potential denizen
    p/5937016: Kai99 fanclub
    p/5937291: Lord Stefan Threadlock releases the OT Requiem
    p/5937592: johnmedina999 creates the monument dedicated to Lord Stefan Threadlock
    p/5938450: Zekks art thread
    p/5940269: Denizen Dawnsday describes how hard it's to leave OT
    p/5941102: Rumors of ye olde OT chain being broken
    p/5942617: Head of OT!News, johnmedina999, publishes the first OT!News article
    p/5944340: Denizen Khelly calls for the repurposing of ITT2
    p/5945628: Shitposting General Blitzfrog puts up OT denizens for sale
    p/5945968: Mara opens a market with wares from foreign lands
    p/5946401: Lord Flanster Bwoah becomes the new lord of OT
    p/5947327: FFA Rap Battle #1
    p/5954034: Scientist abraker explores the possibility of a social points system for the land of OT
    p/5953058: Shitposting legend Roshan warns about the Bwoah Regime
    p/5962999: Scientist abraker publishes a guide on roasting Shitposting General Blitzfrog
    p/5969761: Actor MAniACK_Magee announces the leave of Maki Harukawa-san and welcoming of Kirumi Toujo-san
    p/5974579: Activist DJ Enetro seeks the approval rating of johnmedina999 being OT President
    p/5978250: FFA Rap Battle #2
    p/5983225: Actor MAniACK_Magee announces the return of Tojo-San
    p/5986176: Endaris launches the OT Adopting Center
    p/5986315: Scientist abraker creates the Lord "Bwoah" Records
    p/5990459: Actor MAniACK_Magee entertains OT with Kirumi Tojo
    p/5992175: Fourth attempts a coup d’état against Lord Flanster Bwoah and fails
    p/5992307: Lord Flanster Bwoah educates OT Denizens of Formula 1 tyre types
    p/5994801: Actor MAniACK_Magee leaves with Kirumi Tojo
    p/5995121: Activist DJ Enetro speaks against Lord Flanster Bwoah's tyrany
    p/5996103: Scientist abraker sues the Lord Flanster Bwoah in OT's 1st court
    p/5996898: Dawnsday creates the OT Lawyer Services
    p/5996933: Meah attempts to open up a giraffe leg market, but gets shot by Lord Flanster Bwoah
    p/6000000: Lord Flanster Bwoah celebrates the 6th Millionth post
    p/6005106: Denizen Enetro creates the book of denizen roasts
    p/6007227: Foreign Lord Shurelia praises Overlord Ephemeral Farquaad
    p/6010948: The dedicated space of the Shitposting General Blitzfrog (REDACTED)
    p/6012994: Activist DJ Enetro launches OT Council signups
    p/6014503: Head of OT!News, johnmedina999, forwards his agenda to become OT President with the creation of the OT Council
    p/6016505: Head of OT!News, Johnmedina, recruits Dyl-Byl to create propaganda for his election campaign
    p/6018767: OTC Presidential Debate #1
    p/6019635: Oldfag denizens discuss their thoughts on newfags, igniting the path to the OT Civil War
    p/6020898: Actor MAniACK_Magee returns with Kiibo-kun
    p/6027622: Origins of Serraionga's portal meme
    p/6029013: Actor MAniACK_Magee reveals Kiibo-kun couldn't handle it
    p/6032107: Activist DJ Enetro questions what is quality in OT, beginning the events leading to the OT Civil War
    p/6033424: Meah comes out with a new product called VITAL C
    p/6036840: [ - Zekks - ] creates the OT!University and enrolls the class of 2017
    p/6039915: Scientist abraker conducts a study on denizen-lord relations
    p/6041408: FFA Rap Battle #3
    p/6045327: Scientist abraker publishes study on Trashipitus-B
    p/6046452: Canadian Baka questions why OT needs quality threads, accelerating the events for the OT Civil War
    p/6050216: Denizen Kai published Kai-lang, the glorious evertokki language
    p/6052417: Endaris constructs the Lord Stefan Threadlock dome
    p/6057557: Canadian Baka creates the Anti Lock Committee in response to Lord Flanster Bwoah's rampage
    p/6058436: Canadian Baka announces the Anti Lock Committee's first actions
    p/6059218: The absence of a lord makes OT turmoil
    p/6059257: Railey2 starts the OT Civil War, a war between newfags and oldfags
    p/6059828: [ - Zekks - ] features the OT!University Graduation
    p/6059913: Canadian Baka disbands the Anti Lock Committee
    p/6060649: Allmynamestaken identifies the "Bwoah" era of OT
    p/6061635: General Meah launches an attack on oldfags
    p/6061801: Denizen citremi first comes to OT
    p/6062967: In the midst of the OT Civil War, General [Taiga] proposes a new set of laws for the land of OT
    p/6063003: Head of OT!News, johnmedina999, reports the situation of the OT Civil War
    p/6063938: Oracle Serrai talks about his origin as a refugee
    p/6063987: Denizen Canadian Baka speaks out in the desire to stop the OT Civil War
    p/6064326: The Law of Exiles is set forth by Overlord Ephemeral Farquaad, ending the OT Civil War
    p/6067115: OT!Awards hosted by Meah fails spectacularly
    p/6068980: Scientist abraker talks about why the Law of Exiles and oldfags approch are bad
    p/6070105: Activist DJ Enetro talks about how to avoid exiles
    p/6071020: Denizen Kotnana first comes to OT
    p/6075399: Denizen Meah posts a story concerning a runaway pet giraffe named Douglas
    p/6076774: A mysterious establishment appears that sings "Awoo~"
    p/6078933: Lab Assistant Blitzfrog declassifies the experiments done on OT denizens
    p/6080124: OT Scientist abraker relaunches his invention, the osu!pill, this time with success
    p/6090638: Shitposting General Blitzfrog announces the OT Royal scientist program, becoming a OT Scientist abraker's lab assistant
    p/6093639: Alexkuzi, the 2nd generation shitposting legend, first comes to OT
    p/6094412: Denizens roast themselves to oblivion v1
    p/6094731: First mention of 99% alcohol
    p/6095545: OT Royal Scientist abraker is surprised OT is back to its usual self so fast after the OT Civil War
    p/6096278: Denizen Comfy Slippers ponders the Lord's actions against quality threads that collapse into shit
    p/6099463: OT Royal Scientist abraker awards Coldtooth a masters in OT climatology
    p/6106160: kotnana3131 praises the artificial land of OT which resides in the parallel dimension created by OT Royal Scientist abraker
    p/6109230: OT Royal Scientist abraker retells an ancient OT tale
    p/6109377: Lab Assistant Blitzfrog opens the OT!Restaurant
    p/6117786: The first shitposting legend, roshan117, launches his new product called OSU! Water
    p/6119230: citremi discovers the source of the cryptic osu!coin currency
    p/6121861: Denizen Allmynamestaken publishes finding concerning the health safety of OSU! Water and osu!pill
    p/6123979: OT Royal Scientist abraker creates the OT Royal Society of Quality
    p/6127678: Head of OT!News, johnmedina999, calls for an end to derails
    p/6128367: OT Royal Scientist abraker shows the front gates going into the land of OT
    p/6128652: Lab Assistant Blitzfrog announces the OT!News Event : Art Gallery
    p/6137487: Head of OT!News, johnmedina999, reflects on OT one month after the great civil war
    p/6140225: Denizen Fourth's last moment in OT
    p/6141953: Activist DJ Enetro causes Overlord Ephemeral Farquaad to speak of lord ruling for the first time in this era
    p/6145039: Denizen Ryoid first comes to OT
    p/6150317: Executioner [ - Zekks - ] conducts the 3rd executions
    p/6157423: Denizen MAniACK_Magee's last moment in OT
    p/6168788: The cancerous urban myth is brought back
    p/6169892: Dawnsday opens the OT Bar
    p/6172618: OT Royal Scientist abraker displays artist Aomi's work in the Royal OT!Historical Art Museum
    p/6177486: Executioner [ - Zekks - ] conducts the 4th executions
    p/6189413: Barbarian TheQuacking666 attempts to annex OT and fails
    p/6191179: Disappearance of Serraionga
    p/6192816: DJ Enetro joins the OT Royal Society of Quality
    p/6202563: Denizen yuhaii first comes to OT
    p/6203553: Denizen iSlodinx first comes to OT
    p/6208797: Disappearance of Endaris
    p/6217426: OT Royal Scientist abraker's Experimentation Log #AFF343
    p/6227105: Denizen Allmynamestaken's last moment in OT
    p/6232830: Dark DJ Enetro (information concerning these events are now REDACTED by an unknown Lord)
    p/6223715: Allmynamestaken launches the OT's Suicidal Prevention Hotline
    p/6230413: [ - Zekks - ]'s OT!University enrolls the class of 2018; Shuts down down due to [ -Zekks's -] exile status (REDACTED)
    p/6230570: OT Royal Scientist abraker creates the book of OT's History
    p/6232830: Dark DJ Enetro II (REDACTED)
    p/6233062: OT Royal Scientist abraker sues a Lord named Gabe in OT's 2nd court
    p/6238588: OT Royal Scientist abraker puts Lord Uni Night's official OT Lordship onto the discussion table
    p/6240347: OT Royal Scientist abraker creates the Lord Uni Night Records
    p/6247346: Endaris questions OT Royal Scientist abraker's credibility
    p/6247903: OT Royal Scientist abraker opens OT's Royal Museum of Art
    p/6249637: OT!Collab I
    p/6258166: [ - Zekks - ] creates the book of distractions
    p/6263838: Denizen Fizzn becomes worried OT!News #20 won't come
    p/6267126: OT Royal Scientist abraker's Experimentation Log #CE34B8
    p/6273219: Denizen Edgar_Figaro creates the thread of the undead
    p/6276565: OT!neus is on hiatus
    p/6297493: OT Royal Scientist abraker claims that Lord tyranny is beneficial to the land; Messages from the future OT
    p/6300464: Activist Enetro seeks the establishment of the new lord, Lord Lassikko
    p/6303286: Denizen marriage
    p/6303478: OT Royal Scientist abraker releases OT Log #1: Star Logs, poverty, 2nd gen legendary shitposters, Lord Tyranny
    p/6304305: Denizens roast themselves to oblivion v2
    p/6305029: Denizen iSlodinx questions OT Royal Scientist abraker's influence on OT
    p/6318426: OT Royal Scientist abraker releases OT Log #2: Influx of immigrants, Teleportation of establishments, unknown force
    p/6326555: OT Executions V: The Day of Death
    p/6332825: Denizen Fizzn praises Overlord Ephemeral Farquaad
    p/6335999: Denizen citremi creates a burger donation center; Supreme Overlord ppy pays a visit
    p/6338565: The first resurrection of the undead thread put forth by Denizen Edgar_Figaro
    p/6342482: OT Royal Scientist abraker releases OT Log #3: Day of Death, prep for expedition to seek unknown force
    p/6344031: Denizen keremal first comes to OT
    p/6344865: OT!News head, johnmedina999, goes missing
    p/6346146: Denizen Fizzn spots a phantom/virtual establishment in OT
    p/6349489: Origin of Alexkuzi's infamous "test my skon" quote
    p/6361428: OT Royal Scientist abraker releases OT Log #3.3: Day of Death, during the expedition to seek unknown force
    p/6368188: Denizen Momiji discovers spacetime quantization
    p/6368470: Denizen Roshan runs into a superposition anomaly
    p/6383399: Executioner [ - Zekks - ] conducts the 5th OT Executions
    p/6389228: OT Royal Scientist abraker releases OT Log #3.6: Day of Death, aftermath of the expedition to seek unknown force
    p/6409230: OT Royal Scientist abraker releases the Executionary Tales
    p/6432367: Denizen szkiller first comes to OT

t/671350 - t/860972: OTpression Era

As OT's sugar rush dwindled down, it was left with a crippling derpressive state. Lords were fed up with keeping OT under control. It was a period in OT's history of an unknown future and many paths. Despite this, denizens made the best of it by attempting to take on their own roles to attempt to replicate what made OT great.

  • p/6445143: Ex-Lord Stefan Threadlock visits OT to see it ruins akin to the Wastelands
    p/6450180: Denizen Igorsprite first comes to OT
    p/6452353: AnimeAlex321 asserts herself as the queen of OT, but runs into difficulties getting any further
    p/6452442: After co-ruling the artificial land of OT and being head of OT!neus, Johnmedina999 redeclares candidacy for OT president
    p/6453926: OT Royal Scientist abraker presents a demonstration of the land's wild ups and downs
    p/6454441: Last recorded daily life of a denizen
    p/6455018: Denizen microism declares candidacy for OT president
    p/6455091: OT Royal Scientist abraker notices a pattern in OT's history
    p/6462050: OT Royal Scientist abraker creates the crime records
    p/6472361: Later to be known Outcast AsrielDr33murr becomes OT denizen
    p/6479468: Denizen yuhaii- embraces the OT Royal Scientist abraker's genius retardedness
    p/6481139: Denizen DaddyCoolVipper's first record thread in ages; Asks denizens why they migrated to the land
    p/6481180: Denizen Achromalia first comes to OT
    p/6490630: Zozimoto leaks documents from Supreme Overlord Peppy's development facility which suggests new land subdivision


  • p/6493357: Inventor of triangular fire, Monstrata, gets redirected to OT by an unknown Lord, causing mayhem in the land
    p/6493787: Denizen Saturnalize first comes to OT
    p/6498461: Overlord Ephemeral Farquaad is concerned about denizens' well being
    p/6504194: Denizen Penguin Sanchez first comes to OT
    p/6505508: Denizen Fser notices the influx of foreign peasants, confirming OT Royal Scientists abraker's suspicions from OT Log #2
    p/6513241: Commemoratory thread for Lord Uni Night as he resigns Lordship; Ending the era of lordship for OT
    p/6517534: Royal Denizen johnmedina999 compares the land of OT to a silly children's game
    p/6522002: Royal OT Scientist abraker launches a subscription service for intellect
    p/6525977: The singing "Awoo~" thread is resurrected by Royal Denizen Johnmedina999, but a mysterious Lord of Death takes its life shortly after
    p/6526241: Following Lord Death's rapture of the Awoo~ thread, OT Royal Scientist abraker says death has come for OT
    p/6528351: Denizen Roshan proposes Lord Death to be the new Lord of OT
    p/6529380: ptar124 comes out with a mysterious recipe for improvement
    p/6531460: Denizen Comfy Slippers criticizes what Supreme Overlord Peppy has ever done for OT
    p/6532245: Oracle Serrai speaks of a ship of new era that will never come
    p/6534660: Denizen yuhaii- announces Stefan Lockthread is back from retirement (but not OT lord)
    p/6536622: After many posts being behind bars, Denizen Dawnsday is back and reopens his popular bar
    p/6537253: The second resurrection of the undead thread put forth by Denizen Edgar_Figaro
    p/6546867: The last scream of worry is made. Only silence now...
    p/6547170: Quality Activity Adviser DJ Enetro creates the Lord Death Reaper Records (which turned out to be a fluke)
    p/6547247: Head of OT Royal Society of Quality abraker posts a statement that OT Royal Society of Quality is recruiting again
    p/6555036: Denizen Razzy's last moment in OT
    p/6554385: Concerned denizens express their sorrow to see Supreme Overlord Peppy re-image the osu! world
    p/6558248: AsrielDr33murr notices that Royal OT Scientist abraker is omnipresent in OT
    p/6559461: Denizen Quibbly first comes to OT
    p/6563108: Denizen Comfy Slippers attempts to resurrect OT's artistic passion
    p/6565189: Denizen Khelly's last moment in OT
    p/6656964: Denizen Railey2's last moment in OT
    p/6566981: Denizen ProbablyAlice find a bear named Connor and needs help
    p/6568116: Denizen Meah got hold of a weapon of mass destruction and unleashed it on every thread the denizen visited (REDACTED)
    p/6583207: Foreigner TTL gets hold of the weapon of mass destruction Meah possessed (REDACTED)
    p/6584044: Aries - gets in the crossfire of the recent criminal activity crackdown by Lord Stefan in OT and FG
    p/6584184: Denizen citremi creates the quality records
    p/6590390: Denizen johnmedina999 creates a place for denizens to practice quality
    p/6590421: The cancerous urban myth rises once more
    p/6593943: Denizen Coldtooth promotes abraker's presidential campaign
    p/6598589: Denizen Zekks launches the denizen social quality system, OT Competitve, based on Topic Points (TP)
    p/6600604: Denizen Dawnsday publishes an article on how to make engaging threads
    p/6600893: Denizen Zekks confirm that OT was not any better in the past; Critics question such claim
    p/6604026: OT Royal Scientist abraker comes up with the denizen spectrum template
    p/6604372: Denizen Comfy slipper places denizens on a spectrum
    p/6541853: Outcast AsrielDr33murr retaliates against Officer Flanster Bwoah
    p/6627981: Denizen TeeArctic comes to OT
    p/6631511: OT Royal Scientist abraker questions the recent influx of new people in OT
    p/6635229: OT Royal Scientist abraker figures out why OT is so shit
    p/6637402: Top secret experimentation by OT Royal Scientist abraker reveals some kind of denizen point system
    p/6637415: Origin of abraker's "owh edit:" meme
    p/6640918: Officer Flanster Bwoah is praised by OT denizens
    p/6645289: OT Executions S5
    p/6651732: In spite of Outcast AsrielDr33murr's rampage, Denizen Taiga request the exile system to be reinstated
    p/6653054: Outcast AsrielDr33murr given a life sentence by Overlord Ephemeral Farqaad via exile
    p/6653964: Denizen CanadianBaka shits on denizens nicely
    p/6656430: Outcast AsrielDr33murr escapes and disguises as [MTF] Wolfette to hide from being taken in (REDACTED)
    p/6656760: Officer Flanster Bwoah nails the outcast escapee, [MTF] Wolfette, down
    p/6657928: Royal OT Scientist abraker reveals the secrets to not posting shit
    p/6694450: Denizen Achromalia describes his life as a hard working OT denizen
    p/6695223: Royal OT Scientist abraker publishes the photo of AsrielDr33murr being exiled by Overlord Ephemeral Farqaad
    p/6697059: Officer Flanster Bwoah expresses his insanity keeping people in check in OT
    p/6697168: Denizen Mahogany's last moment in OT
    p/6704559: OT Royal Scientist abraker tells the legend of the first shit thread and how OT came to be
    p/6705386: The third resurrection of the undead thread put forth by Denizen Edgar_Figaro
    p/6709070: Denizen Westonini first comes to OT
    p/6709266: Denizens celebrate aomi's birthday
    p/6714145: Green Platinum questions polls in OT after a recent surge in poll threads
    p/6717814: Denizens share rumors of Flanster's darkest secrets (REDACTED)
    p/6721280: First OT!archive dug up by Zekks, revealing even more mysterious and cryptic info about the events of 10/2017
    p/6724501: In the process of OT denizens ranking everything, Achromalia releases his draft of the denizen class system
    p/6724066: Mashley creates the decade resurrection obelisk
    p/6724584: Denizen Kittyneko first comes to OT
    p/6725546: OT Royal Scientist abraker resurrects Ephemeral's call anti-necro order as Mashley and osugirl09 dig up olden era artifacts
    p/6728200: Denizen MinNin first comes to OT
    p/6728334: Rumors of many barrels of 99% alcohol being washed away
    p/6729367: OT Royal Scientist abraker releases his findings on thread popularity
    p/6733399: OT Royal Scientist abraker comes up with the TWO day emotional improvement plan
    p/6734442: Denizen Zekks launches OT!Water; Denizens believe it's a ripoff from roshans Osu! Water
    p/6738255: Denizen Quibbly plan to manipulate thread locking fails
    p/6739789: G&R is recognized as more shit than OT
    p/6743564: Denizen Achromalia analyzes Outcast AsrielDr33murr following the outcast's life imprisonment
    p/6744422: Feeling full of himself, OT Royal Scientist abraker challenges OT's master seagull, Overlord Ephemeral Farquaad
    p/6748495: OT!Collab 2
    p/6751114: Denizen johnmedina notices the old fags have left and the ITT accords start to falter
    p/6751402: Denizen Coldtooth misses the Fag Era
    p/6753943: An unexpected bazaar opens in OT; Ravaged be asterisk thieves
    p/6759899: A photo of the OT!neus channel reveals the OT Royal Society is planning something sinister
    p/6762311: Denizens show opposition to OT Royal Society's decision to ban 99% alcohol
    p/6768101: After the asterisk incident, a new bazzar run by Denizen TeeArctic opens
    p/6769229: OT Royal Scientist abraker plans to buy the entire 99% alcohol supply before OT Royal Society strikes it down
    p/6769764: In midst of OT Royal Society's plan to ban 99% alcohol, abraker launches a campaign against the move
    p/6774222: Denizen TeeArctic launches OT Cider, an alternative to 99% alcohol
    p/6774777: Denizens question the safety of OT Cider
    p/6774824: Private info leaked reveals OT Cider uses 99% alcohol formula
    p/6775854: TeeArctic founds the Official Union of Drinks meant to represent the interests of alcoholic drink sellers in OT
    p/6775788: After finding Dawnsday's bar deserted, MinNin opens a new bar called Min's Bar
    p/6776319: MinNin founds OT!Network
    p/6777088: Denizen Achromalia ponders about the existential meaning of OT
    p/6777493: Westonini publishes his efforts on finding out how to make OT great again
    p/6777690: OT Royal Scientist abraker is forced to reveal the truth concerning recent events
    p/6777751: Denizen MinNin discloses personal efforts to control the Trashipitus-B virus
    p/6777841: The long silence is abruptly broken by loud yelling once again
    p/6778415: In light of recent events, Husa unveils the OT!Bunker to allow OT Denizens seek refuge
    p/6778821: Denizen MinNin releases a drug that lowers the urge to shitpost
    p/6780288: Denizen MinNin senses a new OT era is underway
    p/6780892: Royal OT Scientist abraker details the contents of OT
    p/6782383: First severe Trashipitus-B outbreak since the banning of 99% alcohol
    p/6782383: Denizen Johnmedina becomes badly infected with the Trashipitus virus
    p/6783324: Denizen Canadian Baka believes he found a cure from OT; Doesn't realize it's futile
    p/6784101: Denizen Canadian Baka speaks supportively of the banning of 99% alcohol
    p/6785395: Royal OT Scientist abraker details the OT fag cycle
    p/6785422: Royal OT Scientist abraker reminds denizens that the apocalyptic period has dawned
    p/6785653: Denizens start recording their daily lives once again
    p/6792496: Royal OT Scientist abraker attempt to capitalize of Oracle Serrai's abilities, but fails
    p/6797312: OT experiences an alien invasion! (REDACTED)
    p/6800632: Denizen johnmedina999 suggests a nefarious conspiracy against Royal OT Scientist's OT located in the other dimension (REDACTED)
    p/6801120: Denizen MinNin creates Radio OT, OT's first podcast station
    p/6811234: Denizen Aiseca first comes to OT
    p/6811670: Royal OT Scientist abraker wonder what denizens think of the gaming district in OT
    p/6813867: Royal OT Scientist abraker puts out a search and apprehend order for infected denizen, Meah
    p/6815823: Officer Flanster Bwoah ask denizens what this land is to them
    p/6817115: Royal OT Scientist hints on the anomaly that is Oracle Serrai
    p/6817439: Oracle Serrai opens "the crack" in the land of OT
    p/6818400: Royal OT Scientist hints OT Royal Society's sinister plan for the infected denizens
    p/6818563: Canadian Baka opens up an orientation center for new OT recruited
    p/6818583: Head of Royal of Quality abraker attempts to shutdown Canadian Baka's new orientation center; faces resistance
    p/6820664: Denizen Zekks asks about the future of the land
    p/6821147: The undying thread resurrected once more, this time by Edgar_Figaro
    p/6823408: Denizens under agony as Supreme Overlord Peppy reimages reality (REDACTED)
    p/6823863: Royal OT Scientists makes a statement concerning recent events; starts fearing Oracle Serrai's mystery and truth
    p/6823901: Oracle Serrai unleashes the crack with the unattainable truth about recent events
    p/6824759: Disaster calms down as postquakes stop and quoting others is restored
    p/6828298: Denizen Coldtooth speaks up against the recent necro-maniacs
    p/6830339: Denizen Quibbly "NEW OT RULE" (REDACTED)
    p/6833984: Royal OT Scientist abraker's search and apprehend order for infected denizen, Meah, finally concludes
    p/6844281: With the Trashiputus virus seeing no ends, denizens accept it as part of life
    p/6849571: Denizen tad01123 first comes to OT
    p/6866416: Royal OT Scientist abraker releases first analysis on Meah
    p/6868055: Denizen pentaqola first comes to OT
    p/6870662: Denizen CanadianBaka releases propaganda concerning foreign events and OT
    p/6872716: Denizen Aiseca releases a report of a mutated strain of Trashipitus Virus
    p/6875883: Lord Wojjan commemoration
    p/6875885: Denizen Winnyace first comes to OT
    p/6876333: Denizen TeeArctic asks others how to deal with the new fags
    p/6877403: Denizen TeeArtic joins the OT Royal Society of Quality
    p/6878727: Denizen ColdTooth joins the OT Royal Society of Quality
    p/6879503: Denizen TeeArtic sets out to make ye olden records "Aeternam Memoriam"
    p/6880262: Denizen Meah has admitted to the participation in the last posts of the OT in the foreign Spanish lands
    p/6880050: pentaqola looses his pet rock
    p/6881085: pentaqola's pet rock dies
    p/6882071: A certain cowboy is recognized by OT
    p/6888995: The cancerous urban myth is resurrected once more
    p/6897499: Endaris contracts Trashipitus
    p/6898019: OT cowboy Westonini's hat goes missing
    p/6884838: Denizen szkiller requests OT to prepare for a zombie apocalypse; R.O.S. abraker ends up arguing jargon
    p/6899474: Denizen charamaru first comes to OT
    p/6904448: The undying thread resurrected once more, this time by OT's local cowboy
    p/6908122: R.O.S. abraker presents the denizens the current state of OT
    p/6910052: Denizen Karhu first comes to OT
    p/6910585: Denizen TheLegendaryHD first comes to OT
    p/6917799: R.O.S. abraker documents a war in a parellel dimension between him and his lab assistant of older times
    p/6918779: Annual "What did OT get for Christmas" event
    p/6922961: The shitposting acords created
    p/6940710: A-Breaking Laboratory releases the successor to the osu!pill, 𝓢𝓚𝓘𝓛𝓛.
    p/6945414: Denizen Coldtooth criticizes the degredation of OT
    p/6945441: R.O.S. abraker attempts to figure out what denizens miss from older times
    p/6946411: R.O.S. abraker reveals how OT's cowboy was created
    p/6947496: OT crook Ashton aka Canadian Baka slips into A-Breaking Laboratory to wreck havoc
    p/6948530: OT crook Ashton aka Canadian Baka reveals plans for denizen mind control
    p/6948548: Asht. Co is being threatened by multiple law suits
    p/6949337: Asht. Co moves toward production and testing of its new tech
    p/6949949: R.O.S. abraker puts lawsuit against Asht. Co into motion
    p/6953323: Ashton of Asht. Co talks about his chamomile tea
    p/6954812: Denizen Roshan reveals an unknown Roshanese dialect
    p/6955367: Denizens tad01123 and charamaru launch assult on OT's trees

t/860972 - t/1272886: Renaissance era

A new light sparked leading to another dynamic shift once only joked about in the Fag era. Denizens took charge to define how OT is run. Realized by the mechanics by which it runs, they now control the bottons and levers, writing history the way they want it to be written.

  • p/6956061: OT Court II: A-Breaking Laboritory & R.O.S.Q. vs Asht. Co
    p/6958175: OT Royal Scientist is praised by foreign lord Shurelia
    p/6958332: Ashton of Asht. Co releases papers claiming the verification of Asht. Co
    p/6958948: MrSparklepants shows support for trees, unbeknownst to him the assult on trees launched by tad01123 and charamaru
    p/6965998: Ashton of Asht. Co rubs in his court victory to R.O.S. abraker and tad01123
    p/6966183: A snapshot of everyday life in the parallel OT dimension
    p/6966988: Ashton of Asht. Co announces Asht. Co is no more
    p/6967146: Denizen pentaqola returns to OT
    p/6967349: Denizen Taiga comes back to be surprised OT is still thriving
    p/6967402: Denizen Ashton searches for exotic tea variants
    p/6972846: R.O.S. abraker comments on Oracle Serrai
    p/6973890: R.O.S. abraker creates the denizen generation map
    p/6983278: Denizen tad releases exclusive footage of OT Crook Ashton being raided
    p/6983308: Denizen tad celebrates the resurection of the Shitpost thread
    p/6984529: Denizen Riince asks denizens what would happen if Shitposting thread went up against Spam thread
    p/6985534: Denizen Achromalia delivers news regarding Shitpost P.D. trying to crack down on Shitposter Achromatism
    p/6986425: Denizen tad01123 announces OT Presidential election 2019
    p/6989370: OT Presidential election 2019 phase 2; OT president debates
    p/6991817: Denizen Plini first comes to OT
    p/6994441: OT Presidential election 2019 phase 3; Denizens vote for the OT president
    p/6994988: Candidate abraker is suspicious of voter manipulation
    p/6995760: Denizen tad01123 cancels previous votes and restarts elections due to legitimacy concerns
    p/6999597: Denizen Achromalia becomes the first OT President
    p/7000081: R.O.S. abraker reveals he is experimenting with Serrai's portal tech
    p/7000749: Denizen TeeArctic1 calls for OT government assembly
    p/7004213: Oracle Serrai reveals smaller portals
    p/7004555: R.O.S. abraker declasifies footage of President Achromalia's ancestors
    p/7009058: Levose creates a conflict against Penguins in OT
    p/7009127: Denizen TeeArtic discloses some disturbing documents concerning Westonini and abraker
    p/7009218: Denizen Aiseca joins the Duck collition
    p/7009147: Levose creates Duck propanganda
    p/7009205: Denizen Johnmedina reports on the Bird conflict
    p/7012187: Denizen Karhu reveals Officer Flanster might be hiding something
    p/7012551: Long since the last OT!News has been published, R.O.S. abraker publishes an unofficial unfinished release of what would have been the 20th edition
    p/7014429: Levose renames himself to Sir Duckford to formally control his duck collition
    p/7015437: R.O.S. abraker publishes documents that detail Oracal Serrai's suspected origin and powers
    p/7015249: The inventor of Triangular Fire, Monstrata, makes another appearance in OT; this time gathering fresh blood for a contest of undetermination
    p/7018340: Denizen Penguin opens up a hand market
    p/7020743: OT crook Ashton opens up his own artist commision service
    p/7021038: In response to Ashtons art service, OT President Achromalia opens the Amateur Artwork Avenue
    p/7022411: Denizen TeeArctic releases a draft of the OT Constitution
    p/7031528: Kisses fanclub
    p/7031591: Denizen Coldtooth voices disaproval of Yuii- recent Overlord Ephemeral propaganda posting (REDACTED)
    p/7031863: OT President Achromalia gives a speech regarding the recent Overlord Ephemeral postings
    p/7032481: OT crook Ashton voices concerns of denizens from the osu elite visiting OT
    p/7032583: Denizen Tad speaks against R.O.S. abaraker of his abuse of power
    p/7033730: R.O.S. abraker create the OT!Events feed service
    p/7039113: The fourth resurrection of the undead thread put forth by Denizen Edgar_Figaro
    p/7043037: The first shitposting legend, faiswusuf, questions OT's ideologies
    p/7043175: OT crook Ashtons calls forth the restriction of BN immigrants into OT
    p/7046314: TeeArctic calls forth the Avian forces of Antartica to occupy OT against the duck collition
    p/7048379: OT celebrates denizen Fizzn's birthday
    p/7057279: Denizen faiswusuf claims superiority of 4th gen denizen before saying all gens are equal
    p/7059332: After spending an eternity in osu! prisons, Denizen iSlodinx is finally released from captivity
    p/7059593: Denizen faiswusuf creates the Ye Olde Denizen Galleria
    p/7062678: OT Crook Ashton declares a lawsuit on President Achromalia for mind control shinanigians
    p/7063540: Denizen Coldtooth beaths ye olde Lord Wojjan's circle smashing record, then proceeds to destroy everyone else
    p/7069358: Denizen Puzzle first comes to OT
    p/7078685: R.O.S. abraker released the history of ye OT
    p/7079147: R.O.S. abraker reveals his attempts of preserving 99% alcohol
    p/7112937: Denizen samX500 first comes to OT
    p/7116997: Denizen AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH first comes to OT
    p/7126248: Denizen Tad nukes the tad pole thread just before OTParliament election results
    p/7128421: OT Journalist Puzzle releases an article including interview with OTPresident Achromalia
    p/7128584: OT Representative TeeArctic calls for the mobilization of the Avian forces of Antarctica
    p/7128629: R.O.S. abraker releases a report concerning the recent incident
    p/7130439: OTParliament elections results
    p/7130577: OT Journalist Puzzle find a worn down building in the bombed contamination zone
    p/7130634: OT Journalist Puzzle interviews R.O.S. abraker concerning the recent incident
    p/7131588: Denizen samX500 describes a strange substance, grenionite
    p/7134802: OT's new government attracts foreign attention
    p/7136069: Denizen roshan calls for Zain's presidency
    p/7148187: The secrets behind recent events revealed
    p/7150116: OT Executions VI
    p/7155495: The fifth resurrection of the undead thread put forth by Denizen Edgar_Figaro
    p/7167184: R.O.S. abraker discovers that furry threads create a barrier reducing Oracle Serrai's powers
    p/7187344: MinNin seeks to be more active
    p/7187839: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hints at his grenionite corruption
    p/7188036: Last known whereabouts of MinNim
    p/7189173: Denizen samX500 warns denizens about a grenionite infection
    p/7196071: Denizens debate upon the land's prophesized reimaging
    p/7199572: Ashton calls for NAT members for a study
    p/7203183: Tad makes an unusual request to abraker
    p/7203774: OT Parliament member Ashton resigns from OT
    p/7204469: Denizen samX500 creates a place for Euphonium appreciation
    p/7212791: Denizen Fizzn questions if R.O.S. abraker is ok as he posts in G&R
    p/7213425: Denizen Kittyneko comes back
    p/7216504: Denizens notice the land fell apart
    p/7216488: Supreme Overlord Peppy at last reimages the entire land as prophesized long ago
    p/7217127: R.O.S. abraker holds a funeral for the old web
    p/7218021: In an effort to cope with the reimaging, abraker compiles a list of remedies
    p/7218923: R.O.S. abraker calls out Unpredicatable
    p/7220447: OT Parliament member TeeArctic1 releases a photograph of giving a speech at the OT Constitution Ceremony
    p/7222744: Denizens question how the OT Government works
    p/7224219: Denizen Levesterz gives an account of ninjas infiltrating OT Government locations
    p/7232262: TheLegendaryHD becomes an OT denizen
    p/7233213: OT!Gov Representative Tad shares suffering from the reimaging of the land
    p/7233918: TeeArctic launches CornCo™
    p/7234455: samX500 releases EuphoCorn! in response to TeeArctic's CornCo™
    p/7234485: Founder of CornCO Company, TeeArctic, sends samX500 a cease and desist of EuphoCorn!
    p/7235047: Denizen Fizzn releases with a new fix for ppy's reimaging of the land
    p/7235602: Denizen Karhu is released from prison only to be put back there again
    p/7236285: abraker protests Karhu's reprisonment
    p/7236602: Denizen Blitzfrog reprises his status as Shitpost General and releases plans to invade GD (REDACTED)
    p/7237284: Sosteneshion becomes an OT denizen
    p/7237578: OT Repesentative Tad celebrates Denizen Karhu's return
    p/7238196: Denizen keremal sends a grave warning to OT
    p/7239281: R.O.S. abraker announces the second corn thread, a partnership with CornCo™ and EuphoCorn!
    p/7239484: Unpredicable complaints about G&R fags invading OT
    p/7240005: Plini becomes an OT denizen
    p/7241897: OT Representative Tad sends meme missiles at GD only for them to be redirected at OT
    p/7241911: OT Representative Tad announces plans to invade GD with memes
    p/7242814: Overlord Ephemeral Farquaad strikes back with an existential question for OT to decide its fate (REDACTED)
    p/7242877: Officer Flanster releases a depiction of OT councel deciding to invade GD
    p/7243286: Overlord Ephemeral Farquaad strikes back with an existential question for OT to decide its fate
    p/7243724: OT Representative Tad hypes denizens of OT for the invasion of OT
    p/7244008: Shitposting General Blitzfrog commands the invasion of GD despite recent events (REDACTED)
    p/7246341: abraker sends a letter to Ephemeral concerning recent events
    p/7246375: Shitposting General Blitzfrog prepares OT for the invasion of GD
    p/7250185: R.O.S. abraker announces PP Tranfusions for PP deficient fags!
    p/7252915: Unpredicatable vents on the state of things in the land of OT
    p/7253712: [Ska] questions abraker's name
    p/7256306: R.O.S. abraker places vans throughout OT for denizens to find
    p/7256450: OT President Achromalia creates a place to rate denizens
    p/7256589: OT Representative Tad Fibonacci steals abraker's face and challanges denizens to tell their best stories
    p/7257128: R.O.S. abraker tells the story of how his face was stolen
    p/7273003: OT Representative Tad starts the countdown till Christmas
    p/7278597: Denizen B1rd's last moment in OT
    p/7294216: Denizens celebrate Tad Fibonacci's birthday
    p/7297691: SamX500 is lost to Padoru
    p/7298497: SamX500 escapes the Padoru
    p/7299102: Tad Fibonacci questions where Serrai's portals went
    p/7302500: Padoru Syndrome starts developing in OT
    p/7305184: OT suffers Padoru Syndrome
    p/7306424: R.O.S. abraker discovers how OT can be nuked
    p/7309436: Ashton's Tea Party signups
    p/7311924: OT Representative Tad wished OT a happy new year!
    p/7312278: Ashton hosts a Tea Party
    p/7315432: Denizen eblf2013 first comes to OT
    p/7320435: R.O.S. abraker announces execution for the "idiot" who forgot to remind him to post OT Bingo 3 results
    p/7322432: R.O.S. abraker forgets about executing the "idiot"
    p/7324782: R.O.S. abraker formulates a trap to capture one the "idiots". Westonini claims to be the "idiot"
    p/7325519: R.O.S. abraker announces 2nd attempt at executing the "idiot". Westonini goes into hiding, now regreting his choices
    p/7326035: SamX500 disguised as abraker posts an impersonator PSA
    p/7326320: R.O.S. abraker attempts to resolve imporsonation problem via unconventional means
    p/7326087: Tad disguised as abraker forwards a message from abraker
    p/7326106: Denizen Fizzn creates the OT! Patent Bureau
    p/7326148: Denizen AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH disguised as abraker delivers a bizzare message
    p/7326423: OT Royal Society announces a party for all abraker impersonators
    p/7326471: Denizen Tad forges a OT Royal Society notice
    p/7330330: R.O.S. abraker makes a mistake - Another idiot to be executed
    p/7332857: clayton requests A-Breaking Laboratory to fix the OT-Discord transponder
    p/7334535: Upcoming OT president elections announcement
    p/7335482: Denizens speak a weird languange called -- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. .
    p/7337766: Denizen Zelzatter Zero first comes to OT
    p/7337891: OT Representative TeeArctic returns to OT
    p/7338911: The undying thread is once more resurected by R.O.S. abraker
    p/7345371: R.O.S. abraker asks denizens what OT is missing
    p/7349187: OT Representative TeeArctic releases the final OTConstitution
    p/7350600: Denizen Fizzn identifies what OT might be missing
    p/7359143: OT Representative Tad launches Phase 1 of OT Presidential elections 2020
    p/7361144: Denizen Fizzn triggers R.O.S. abraker's anti-impersonation detection system
    p/7362622: OTPresidential Candidate Ashton launches a full out disinformation campaign against OTPresidential candidate Fizzn
    p/7362675: Denizen Fizzn reveals to be head of KatouMegumi's Independent OT Research Laboratories
    p/7362896: OTPresidential Candidate Fizzn resigns from OTPresidential Candidacy
    p/7363054: OTPresident Achromalia laments upon the current state of OTPresident elections
    p/7363181: OTPresidential Candidate abraker launches a campaign against OTPresidential candidate SamX500
    p/7363742: OTPresidential Candidate Ashton applogizes for the disinformation compaign
    p/7363850: eblf2013 launches a free lemonade stall in OT
    p/7363917: OTPresidential candidate SamX500 responds to abraraker's campaign against him
    p/7365019: Denizen Ashton sets up Small Business Owner Initiative
    p/7366255: OT Representative Tad launches Phase 2 of OT Presidential elections 2020
    p/7366397: OTPresidential Candidate Ashton gives a speach at his rally
    p/7366806: R.O.S. abraker quotes for the first time in forever amid an upcoming announcement concerning Trashipitus
    p/7366853: R.O.S. abraker releases new reseach concerning Trashipitus-B
    p/7371839: Denizen Corne2Plum3 first comes to OT
    p/7372268: R.O.S. abraker posts a wanted sign for the quote button
    p/7372394: Denizen Westonini's family is revealed
    p/7374048: Tribute to OT's 1st President
    p/7377060: A-Breaking Laboratory Releases OT!pill
    p/7373765: OT Representative Tad launches Phase 3 of OT Presidential elections 2020
    p/7380045: R.O.S. abraker becomes the 2nd OT President
    p/7380095: Denizen Ashton speaks against the new OT President, abraker
    p/7381222: Denizen SamX500 insists on OT President abraker to fulfill campaign promise
    p/7388479: Achromalia gives the end of term address
    p/7388502: OT President abraker's Inauguration Ceremony
    p/7395667: After long haiatus, MinNim comes back
    p/7394946: OT President abraker seeks to fulfill compaign promise
    p/7394530: OT Representative Tad insists on abraker to fullfill the strange request
    p/7397383: Officer Flanster insists on abraker to fullfilling another strange request
    p/7394380: Denizen Hydreigon first comes to OT
    p/7399842: A foreign traveler brings Quarantine Tearoom to OT
    p/7404651: OT President abraker creates a modding queue for OT
    p/7405887: A tribute to pages
    p/7406882: OT Representative Tad joins a fight against infection
    p/7414762: News come out that the spanking even was fabricated
    p/7415384: Denizen lights first comes to OT
    p/7419065: Dawnsday Bar's grand reopening!
    p/7419658: OT President abraker notices OT Journalist Puzzle is acting strange
    p/7423282: Puzzle becomes an OT denizen
    p/7427886: eblf2013 repurposes his lemonade stand into a furtune telling stand
    p/7435096: Denizen samx500 implements new measures against Trashipitus and other pestilence
    p/7435978: A foreigner enters OT with severe case of Trashipitus, later diagnosed with stupidia
    p/7436434: eblf2013 becomes an OT denizen
    p/7438127: Denizen q9za first comes to OT
    p/7438382: R.O.S. abraker questions effectiveness of samx500's new measures
    p/7440010: Denizen Westinini is on the run after negalecting his duties
    p/7441504: R.O.S. abraker starts implementing samx500's methods combating pestilence himself
    p/7442255: R.O.S. abraker releases latest Trashipitus study involving samx500's methods
    p/7442979: Denizen Westinini avoids capture
    p/7443708: Officer Flanster releases his own study regarding distancing methods against various pestilence
    p/7445231: Denizen samx500 finally catches Westonini
    p/7445796: Denizen keremaru aids in Westonini's escape
    p/7447158: Denizen samx500 proposes a way to settle the situation with Westonini once and for all
    p/7449021: Uraomote Error gets a very infectious disease
    p/7460279: Officer Flanster discovers how to combo sound
    p/7463841: Denizen z0z first comes to OT
    p/7468144: R.O.S abraker finds evidence that Officer Flanster went beck in time to steal Lord Stefan Lockthreads ultimate lock
    p/7469437: Denizens praise Flanster's new avatar
    p/7482764: Denizen nedd83 first comes to OT
    p/7485025: Denizen keremaru exposes recent events
    p/7492119: OT!President abraker gains a position of officer
    p/7492144: Denizens declare the start of a new era in OT
    p/7492340: Officer abraker reassures the era of lordship is over
    p/7492689: Officer abraker's lock thread records begin
    p/7499300: Denizen DragonSlayer96 first comes to OT
    p/7504071: Denizen JustABeginner first comes to OT
    p/7510247: A-Breaking Laboratory has a sale
    p/7516732: Denizens speculate what abraker and Flansters do behind the scenes
    p/7519953: Denizens celebrate Coldtooth's birthday
    p/7520352: Denizens celebrate Stefan's birthday
    p/7524585: Denizen keremaru creates portrates of denizens
    p/7528959: Officer abraker declares the end of blank content
    p/7529022: Denizens wonder if abraker has amassed too much power
    p/7529025: Denizen levesterz defies abraker's order
    p/7529566: Denizen Tad creates the 2nd church of Suisei Hoshimachi
    p/7530362: Lights becomes an OT denizen
    p/7533128: Denizen _ralsei first comes to OT
    p/7534153: Denizens question GD's relevancy
    p/7539887: Zelzatter Zero begins Woofing
    p/7541942: JustABeginner begins Woofing
    p/7543965: Zelzatter Zero becomes an OT denizen
    p/7543991: Hydreigon becomes an OT denizen
    p/7544200: Denizen Tad Fibonacci is noticing a shift in OT culture
    p/7544285: Denizen Fizzn calls for the ban of fan clubs dedicated to non denizens
    p/7544252: News that the foreigner infected with stupedia has finally been eliminated
    p/7544757: JustABeginner reports on the disappearance of q9za
    p/7545879: Denizen Tad Fibonacci raises awareness of a strange beastly disease in OT
    p/7548311: Denizens Lights and AHHHHHHHHH start a fight of godly proportions
    p/7548418: Denizen Westonini opens a Gentlemen's Club
    p/7548920: Denizen Tad Fibonacci announces 2020 OT! Parliament elections
    p/7548765: KnightPerfect's OT Wallpapers
    p/7549082: The fight awakens demigod AHHHHHHHH's internal demon
    p/7550974: Denizen Lights makes truce with denizens of OT
    p/7551457: Demigod AHHHHHHH looms over the horizon
    p/7553984: Denizen Corne2Plum3 creates a bunker to hide from demigod AHHHHHHHH
    p/7554055: Demigod AHHHHHHHHH stages his next plan
    p/7555226: Winnyace becomes an OT denizen
    p/7555729: Denizen Keremaru erects a space arc to let denizens escape the AHHHHHHHHHHH's clutches
    p/7559019: Demigod AHHHHHHHHH launches his grand invasion
    p/7560321: OT! Parliament election 2020
    p/7562331: Denizen Lights is concerned about another Meah Trashipitus outbreak
    p/7570682: Corne2Plum3 becomes an OT denizen
    p/7572334: Denizen axl2468 first comes to OT
    p/7576677: Denizen Lights creates a Free Pizza and Ice Cream stand
    p/7576979: Denizen Fizzn creates outside stand competition, offering Free Shawarma and Juice.
    p/7578736: nedd83 opens hotdog restuarant with outragous prices
    p/7580233: Agent Corne2Plum3 delivers report on JAB's anomalous behavior
    p/7580574: OT Parliament member Ashton asks denizens if they want to increase thread limit
    p/7581168: After the locked of the 2nd church, Denizen lights creates the 3rd Church of Suisei Hoshimachi
    p/7581567: Denizens discuss changes they would like to see in OT
    p/7581589: Denizen Zelzatter Zero records the JAB anomolies
    p/7582012: OT President abraker recieves backlash after locking the 3rd Church of Suisei Hoshimachi thread
    p/7582224: Following the backlash, OT President abraker creates an official thread for vtubers
    p/7582780: Denizen Winnyace delivers a report on JAB's irradic behavior
    p/7583599: -Flaky- opens a cafe
    p/7585829: JAB becomes an OT denizen
    p/7590289: Agent Corne2Plum3 delivers another report concerning matters of JAB
    p/7591914: Denizens notice something wrong is happening to JAB
    p/7592110: Denizen JAB unleashes his dark side
    p/7600614: Denizen GPR first comes to OT
    p/7604695: Tad announces the resignation of Parliamenent members Ashton and Lights
    p/7607331: Denizen YyottaCat first comes to OT
    p/7619853: Tad announces OT Parliament election v2 to fill vacant positions
    p/7628671: Masternedd 1
    p/7632923: Tad announces OT Parliament election v2

[ - Zekks - ]
p/7645947: Tad announces OT Parliament election v2 results
p/7660408: Denizen WitherMite first comes to OT
p/7661630: Denizen Jonarwhal first comes to OT
p/7672561: OT President abraker reveals his efforts in GD
p/7672723: z0z becomes an OT denizen
p/7672727: axl2468 becomes an OT denizen
p/7684617: Denizens celebrate nedd83's birthday
p/7694253: Can you win a suptag?
p/7694346: OT Egg Hunt
p/7697471: Denizen ClevelandsMyBro first comes to OT
p/7699695: Denizen Phantonym first comes to OT
p/7707722: YyottaCat becomes OT denizen
p/7713307: OT Parliament member Fizzn announces Keremaru's resignation
p/7715808: Denizen Cerno first comes to OT
p/7725285: nedd83 becomes OT Denizen
p/7730906: Denizen nedd83 conducts the HoloEN ritual
p/7731351: Jonarwhal opens a donut stand
p/7751360: DragonSlayer96 becomes OT Denizen
p/7752308: Denizen eblf creates an emergency exit
p/7755663: OT President abraker creates an emergency OT entrance
p/7757980: Jonarwhal becomes OT Denizen
p/7762080: Denizen Fizzn creates V-Tuber meat
p/7762296: Akumace come up with V-Tuber meat alternative but goes bankrupt soon after
p/7764982: Denizen YyottaCat comes up with a meaty recipe
p/7765287: Masternedd 2
p/7765522: The new president of furries has been declared!
p/7766300: Denizen axl2468 looks sus
p/7768226: Denizen nedd launches his vtuber army against all who oppose vtubers
p/7771394: A-Breaking Laboratory goes public
p/7784435: Denizen Jonarwhal makes a pie stand, but goes bankrupt shortly after
p/7785365: Denizen Tad Fibonacci judges keyboards
p/7791535: A-Breaking Insurance
p/7794735: ClevelandsMyBro becomes OT Denizen!
p/7797274: nedCorp protects OT
p/7796813: The return of the Padoru
p/7797676: Foxi turns denizens into Padoru
p/7796748: Denizen Penguin conducts a subtle experiment on denizens: will they change avatar?
p/7800651: Denizen keremaru advertises the magnificient Passion Orange Guava
p/7801134: Denizen Penguin creates his records
p/7805017: Denizen Penguins OT Movie Night
p/7807704: Denizen Bambinex first comes to OT
p/7822649: GPR becomes OT denizen!
p/7825860: Denizens talk about the possibility of OT!Awards II
p/7828913: OT!skin collab
p/7829533: Phantonym opens an OT!stands stand
p/7832178: Denizen z0z notices denizens have been turned into Padoru
p/7833254: Denizen samX500 combats the Padoru disease
p/7834383: WitherMite becomes OT denizen!
p/7838160: Denizens notice the decreased quality in OT from newfags
p/7840752: Denizen ghoulybits first comes to OT
p/7840885: Denizens are becoming sick from decreased quality in OT
p/7840950: Denizen Winnyace riles denizens against the newfags
p/7844402: Denizen JAB creates a thread for greeting him upon his return
p/7846648: Denizen GPR goes missing
p/7856397: Denizen eblf2013 asks denizens to help him to make stew
p/7861391: _ralsei becomes OT denizen
p/7861405: Phantonym becomes OT denizen
p/7861919: abraker draws with memes
p/7864134: OT! Drip variations
p/7867684: Denizen pentaqola breaks into A-Breaking Labs and steals OT Pills
p/7868264: Denizen Fizzn creates the 6th curch of Hoshimachi Suisei
p/7868546: President abraker creates the OT Bounties program, but goes defunk instantly
p/7870879: Denizen Zelzatter Zero notices an imposter in OT!
p/7872123: KatouMegumi's Laboratories aquires nedCorp
p/7881324: Denizens speak for the first time
p/7887761: The denizen communal is created
p/7896289: After having a confusing identity, Denizen eblf2013 creates a new one
p/7898251: Denizens celebrate eblf2013's birthday
p/7909770: Denizen Yyottacat creates the church of locks
p/7910060: Denizen DragonSlayer ponders about the ages in OT's future
p/7918448: Denizens celebrate axl's birthday
p/7920646: Denizen Yyottacat reports a break in in A-Breaking Labs
p/7921798: Denizen Yhuan Debeste first comes to OT
p/7923307: R.O.S. abraker deliver his investigation report relating to A-Breaking Labs break in
p/7928326: OT Government subpoenas Yyottacat's Lab
p/7929622: Denizen Winny opens a store
p/7931473: Meguro plants a flower garden in OT
p/7933113: OT Elections 2021: Phase I
p/7933149: Meguro becomes OT Denizen
p/7934530: Lemon monster pentaqola consumes images
p/7935615: Denizen WitherMite creates the Church of Heathens
p/7936754: Pentaqola is charged with crimes against A-Breaking Laboritory
p/7937736: Denizen Sos returns
p/7944617: Denizen Penguin voices his discontent regarding the state of OT
p/7957879: Denizens celebrate Meguro's birthday
p/7947992: OT Elections 2021: Phase II
p/7962309: OT Elections 2021: Phase III
p/7971121: Bamibinex investigates what makes threads bad
p/7973617: Denizen abraker creates the Royal OT Directory
p/7976077: Yhuan documents denizen introductions

t/1272886 - present: Stable era

Another shift in OT's meta has rendered certain trends a relic of old times. Denizens for the first time encourage locks to control quality in OT, and events are semi-regularly organized for denizens to participate in. These times partly mirror the olden era, albeit in its own way.

p/7976580: Denizen Penguin is elected as the 3rd President of OT
p/7976622: Denizen Tad creates the OT Presidential records
p/7977370: Denizen Sosteneshion remembers denizens KIA as he is resurected himself
p/7978345: President Penguin gives his presidential speech
p/7984708: Denizen ShinRun first comes to OT
p/7992422: Denizen keremaru denounces igorsprite's necroing acts
p/7995306: Denizen Itz_UwU_Playz first comes to OT
p/8000866: Denizens celebrate Keremaru's birthday
p/8004000: OT Game Night
p/8008021: Denizen Asian Warlord first comes to OT
p/8013736: Denizens celebrate YyottaCat's birthday
p/8019605: Denizens ponder when a new generation of denizens will start
p/8019819: Denizen Penguin recognizes a shift in OT's meta
p/8026662: Denizen abraker asks how denizens browse OT
p/8029390: Denizens celebrate Achromalia's birthday
p/8043223: Denizen JAB delivers a report on denizen Uraomote Error
p/8045727: OT! Plays Dwarf Fortress - Finally Free Again
p/8055557: OT! Plays Total War : Three Kingdom
p/8060357: Denizen eblf creates the Eccentric Bestial Lab Facilities
p/8063510: Denizen JAB speaks of a new era in OT
p/8085459: Denizen Yyottacat talks about lack of great threads in OT
p/8085459: Denizens lament about the crumbling meta
p/8093900: Denizen Pentaqola's pet rock Carl is reincarnated into Carlos
p/8095558: Denizens celebrate JAB's birthday
p/8120107: Cerno becomes OT denizen
p/8121708: Denizen pentaqola releases documents on his portal experiments
p/8133443: Denizen pentaqola leaks A-Breaking Lab's newest product
p/8191082: Infamous denizen Ashton resurects from the dead
p/8197775: Denizen Pentaqola documents the flying pan
p/8205878: Denizen ShinRun interviews denizens on his Shin's Night Show
p/8213595: Rating drawings with the bois
p/8223865: Bambinex becomes OT denizen
p/8228141: ghoulybits opens Ghoulymart
p/8236131: OT!Awards
p/8241102: Denizen pentaqola sells potatoes
p/8248153: Officer abraker displays his power after a series of necros
p/8269487: Denizens speedrun JAB's testing thread
p/8270271: Ghoulybits becomes OT denizen
p/8270285: Igorsprite becomes OT denizen
p/8274662: Denizen Corne2Plum3 documents the status of GD
p/8346242: Yhuan Debeste becomes OT denizen
p/8368777: Denizen McEndu creates the Metashrine
p/8379528: Denizen ClevelandsMyBro establishes the Royal Indonesian OT Society
p/8387036: Denizen Corne2Plum3 runs a Google Docs experiment
p/8390400: Denizen Corne2Plum3 reviews results of the Google Docs experiment
p/8392323: Denizen Zelzatter Zero runs a Google Slides experiment
p/8398301: ShinRun becomes OT denizen
p/8398546: Denizen ShinRun creates the newfag's guide to OT
p/8406205: Denizen YyottaCat organizes the OT!Challange
p/8409401: Asian Warlord announces OT!GN 2
p/8413206: Denizens celebrate winter holidays
p/8412318: Itz_UwU_Playz becomes OT denizen
p/8412681: Demon lemon Pentaqola is found trapped in abraker's basement
p/8427111: Asian Warlord becomes OT denizen
p/8428000: Denizen Corne2Plum3 documents denizen locations
p/8437454: Denizen JAB sings
p/8442734: Denizen Tad spreads the hidden history of OT
p/8449001: Denizen keremaru, the advanced alien lifeform, does an AMA
p/8460412: Denizen Shinrun organizes a debating activity
p/8476975: The denizen dex entries by Denizen Shinrun
p/8480867: Denizens undergo their bi-annual existential crisis
p/8487673: Denizen ClevelandsMyBro documents the War on G&R
p/8500946: ShinRun's OT!Art event
p/8519085: Cooking with NotRaffi I
p/8523807: R.O.S. abraker reports on his research of OT's past
p/8524374: R.O.S. abraker uncovers the truth behind OT's oldest tradition
p/8525857: ShinRun launches his OT!Shop
p/8525975: OT Presidential elections 2022
p/8527290: NotRaffi becomes OT denizen
p/8528179: GhoulyMart declares war on ShinRun's OT!Shop
p/8528369: Denizen Corne2Plum3 launches his french osu! shop
p/8528412: Amid the conflict between ShinRun's shop and GhoulyMart, A-Breaking Lab starts a weapon shop
p/8528616: Farfocele becomes OT denizen
p/8529074: Innocent bystandards are confused at what's going on
p/8529872: Denizen ShinRun reports on the shop wars
p/8533486: OT is featured in the official wiki records
p/8537755: Return of Shin's Night Show
p/8556628: Denizen ghoulybits becomes the 4th president of OT
p/8559017: GhoulyMart closing sale as ghoulybits becomes OT President

abraker wrote: Disappearance of Serraionga
I am a really important person

ye olde OT
OT has gone through many evolution to become on this stage
such a long history :O
Comfy Slippers
only 1 mention

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you know, i think this thread shouldn't go to waste

E m i
resurrect this either way
DJ Enetro
This list is only threads though, why didn’t we mark this with significant events like the OT Civil War? We can mark them with dates.
:arrow: Dark DJ Enetro's thread :thinking:

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DJ Enetro wrote:

This list is only threads though, why didn’t we mark this with significant events like the OT Civil War?
I have been debating whether to have sections detailing periods, eras, and what-not, but I have not come up with a good way presenting it without weird formatting or making things hard to go through.

DJ Enetro wrote:

We can mark them with dates.
Some time back a system was established to keep track of time, but has not been useful enough for use in everyday events. This system, which uses threads, is instead used to describe the duration of events in relation to other events. The more events occur relative to two points in time, the more threads have passed. OT Civil War lasted about 3.5k threads from /t/601052 to /t/604424
Neko Ari

abraker wrote: Disappearance of Serraionga
cute thread

it was also brisk's first time posting in OT, i think
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Due to conflicts within the thread dating system, the alternative post dating system is going to be enacted as of now

,,,,Thank you for understanding

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ur so precious

[ - Zekks - ] wrote:

ur so precious
something something drawing
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