January 19, 2018

Web: Add chart ranked score reprocess maintenance script

January 18, 2018

Web: Invalidate beatmapset cache on new web when resetting nomination
Web: Rest nomontions on beatmap update
Web: Add in-game warning when resetting nominations via beatmap update

January 12, 2018

Web: Add extra step to migrate any orphan discussions across from deleted beatmaps

January 10, 2018

Web: Fix nominated maps getting graveyarded
Web: Automatically subscribe mappers to their new uploadec baetmaps' discussions

January 8, 2018

Web: Fix zero byte beatmaps being returned after soft deletion

January 5, 2018

Web: Disable beatmap redirect to new design pending redesign
Web: Fix incorrect text about qualified time range

January 3, 2018

Web: Update user api to return hidden rank counts
Web: Fix pp ranking rank counts too
Web: Fix player ranking rank counts not including silver counts

January 2, 2018

Web: Fix another cause of incorrect SS/S/A rank counts on profile

December 27, 2017

Web: Fix chart ranks not increasing
Christmas is over

December 25, 2017

Web: Update link to performance points from user profile
General: Remove ability to choose "fallback" from update targets
General: Update bundled maps
General: Make seasonal backgrounds take precedence over supporter backgrounds (set seasonal to "never" if this bothers you).
Bancho: Add ability to message all users on a specific version
Bancho: Add ability to send a startup message to all clients
Web: Enable osu!direct for all users (probably around 18 hours, doing some christmas load testing!)

December 22, 2017

Web: Include hidden ranks in profile rank displays (see new site for split out values).

December 21, 2017

Editor: Fix maps being permanently deleted when changing the difficulty name fails.

December 20, 2017

Web: Statically store SH/XH ranks to database for faster lookups on new web

December 19, 2017

Code: Update online state less often
Code: Randomise delay after online state update to avoid hotspots
Code: Avoid running non-critical queries when bancho looks like it's going to die
Code: Spawn more workers per round
Code: No silences when in critical mode
Code: No logging in critical mode
Code: Even less updates in critical mode
Code: Log critical mode state changes
Code: Fix broken logging
Code: Override max worker count and make decisions faster when required

December 15, 2017

December 13, 2017

Web: Fix incorrect decoding of quotes from new web in BSS