November 14, 2017

Web: Allow QAT access to admin controls on beatmap info pages

November 10, 2017

Better discord rich presence verbage for editing scenarios.

November 7, 2017

Use better verbs than "Playing" for discord status.
Web: Hide post count for new modding threads
Web: Update beatmap threads to show links to new modding system
Web: Redirect beatmap page requests to new site for discussion enabled beatmaps
Web: Point changelog to new site

November 6, 2017

Remove halloween and make updating more robust
Code: Leave spooky.dll for now just for safety

November 5, 2017

Halloween should be over about now
Make sure to point the installer to your existing osu! installation directory
If you can't see your beatmaps after completing this step, please press F5 at song select

November 1, 2017

Add more discord error handling
Web: Fix "You can't hide" achievement conditions

October 31, 2017

Web: Fix many many issues
Code: Add very basic ask-to-join response action
Code: Fix incorrect order of ready callback usage
Code: Handle ready and disconnect events; abort pending actions after 50 retries
Code: Better log any discord errors
Code: happy halloween
Code: Add try-catch for safety.
Code: Update resources

October 30, 2017

Multiplayer: Fix multiplayer password not being remembered between games
Code: User standardised formatting of rank number
Code: More explicitly define discord rich presence rank
Code: Attempt to better handle errors in discord dll startup
Web: Enforce forum soft deletes in search

October 27, 2017

Code: Fix single/double digit match IDs failing to update rich presence
Code: Fix spectating message
Editor: New BSS submitted maps get modding discussion (v2) access
Code: Add library dependencies
Code: Initial barebones implementation
Code: Add basic status updates
Code: Fix propagation of match passwords; track local match better during creation process
Code: Correctly update discord callbacks
Code: Propagate match data to discord rich presence
Code: Handle join game and spectate requests from discord
Code: Add dll exception for discord-rpc
Code: Fix actions performing before connect
Code: Only allow spectating when a user is actively playing
Code: Fix commands still running too early (need UserPresence to be populated)
Code: Log errors to log file
Code: Correctly give lobby its own display status
Code: Add mode icons
Code: Update DiscordRpc
Code: Fix matchsecret for guest users
Code: Better state display
Code: Boilerplate code for AskToJoin
General: Update game mode strings to reflect new naming structure
Code: Allow spectating in more scenarios
Multiplayer: Fix password not being remembered when joining another person's game
Code: Fix actions happening too early if game is started by discord
Code: Add better presence strings
Code: Catch everything
Code: Fix early UpdateMatch leaving details in incorrect state

October 5, 2017

Web: Remove integration option (unless already linked)