September 13, 2017

Web: Don't hard-delete beatmap/beatmapset rows
Web: Update beatmap lookups
Web: Further checks added
Web: Fix reversed conditionals
Web: Actually soft delete individual difficulties during BSS

September 8, 2017

Web: Use new database structure to improve score lookup performance

September 7, 2017

Web: Add transactional logic to improve update speed of daily rank history updates

September 6, 2017

Don't start DiscordHelper if there's no token
Add read suport for databased chat tables

September 5, 2017

Web: Force new forums on all team members

August 29, 2017

Web: Update
Web: Update
Web: Fix beatmap pack completion check

August 28, 2017

Web: Don't hard-delete beatmap/beatmapset rows
Web: Removed submodule www/wiki
Web: Increase efficiency of country specific score lookups

August 22, 2017

Web: Increase qualification limit per day to 3
Raise max referee count to 8.
Use referee access for tournament client chat.
Also allow tournament permissions for now.
Fix multiplayer score being written to the database if user has joined the room mid-match.
Log actions to the database.

August 9, 2017

Make last active updates more precise
Fix messages being relayed from osu! -> discord -> osu! again.
Forward /me messages to discord.

August 8, 2017

Update Discord.Net.
Fix duplicate discordhelper initialization on startup.
Implement new initialization technique.
More locking and thread safety
Make fake user ids work with ClientIrc too.
No more "originalHost" - now "creator", with better initialisation.
Allow IRC users to re-join their own tournament matches.
Add better support for match referees and tourney command permissions.
Rework !mp addref to not immediately add players to the match chat channels, and open it up to the public.
Add !mp removeref to remove referees from matches.
Add !mp listrefs to list the match referees.
Allow adding both osu! and IRC clients as referees.