July 20, 2017

Web: Update rules wiki links

July 14, 2017

Open up !mp make for public use.
Open up !mp kick for public use.
Remove public access to !mp add.
Adjust condition.
Add !mp invite (public use).
Open up !mp password for public use.
Make !mp password accept a password parameter, or empty to remove password.
Log match invites.
Add comment.
Don't use special invite function.
Keep users' online states up-to-date.
Fix tourney client 1080p scaling.

June 29, 2017

Web: Update rules link

June 26, 2017

Initial permissions + cleanup.
Move Locked and tournament countdown timer to OsuMatch.
New permissions \o/.
Make !mp move only move slots, add !mp add.
Fix !mp add and !mp switch permissions.
Remove unneeded code from !mp move.
Make IRC tournament clients able to handle non OsuMatchTourney.
Fix incorrect condition.
Let's not do this.
A few more permissions.
Refine conditions
Make a few more commands public
Remove unused assignment

June 22, 2017

Add metric for rate limited connections
Remove unnnecessary bool
Code tidying
Report threadpool counts
HTTP logic rewrite
Remove "DontHandleNewConnection" logic
Add stable registration rate limiting

June 21, 2017

Fix (and force) keep-alive
Remove old rate limiting

June 15, 2017

Add new non-seasonal menu backgrounds.
Code: Add new default menu backgrounds; rename seasonal to not conflict
Add background "seasonal" selection dropdown.

June 14, 2017

Code: Add basic option for seasonal backgrounds.
Menu backgrounds now cycle on each song change.
Code: Don't need to have the seasonal- prefix.
Code: Move options setting + reload background when option is changed.
Code: Use separate function for safety.
Code: Add spring backgrounds to resource store.
Code: Restore deleted line.
Code: Localise.
Fix certain maps with zero-length sliders not receiving a star rating.
Web: Parittioned position lookups

June 13, 2017

Web: Attempt to fix occasional duplicate support expiry emails

June 11, 2017

Web: Fix loved maps not showing up in api results.