April 20, 2018

April 16, 2018

Stability: Fix mania-specific memory leak
Stability: Fix memory leak in playlist jump-to dialog
Stability: Fix multiple other memory leaks
Online: Fix star difficulty not showing immediately in multiplayer ater download/import

April 15, 2018

Web: Minor CSS fix to TWC2018 banners
Web: Add TWC2018 profile banners

April 13, 2018

Code: Fucking explicit disposal everywhere
Code: Don't report stupid

April 12, 2018

Further memory fixes
Web: Sanitise medal output
Stability: Fix a more serious memory/winform control leak when using the collections dialog

April 11, 2018

Stability: Always report ram usage on error submission
Stability: Report beatmap count and compatibility mode setting on error submission
Stability: Ensure dropdowns never accidentally hold events open
Stability: Fix and mute some of the more persistent exceptions
Web: wip
Web: Move functions and block upload at different point for now
Web: Different error code
Web: Add quota logic
Web: Trigger upload error earlier if quota doesn't exist
Web: Explicitly use -2 for graveyard
Web: Replace and centralise ungraveyard logic

April 10, 2018

Editor: In-game BSS will now restore beatmaps from graveyard when updating automatically
Editor: Make client aware of graveyard resurrection

April 5, 2018

Web: Improve verification success rate when IPv6 is in use
Code: One more fix
Minor improvements to bancho connectivity
Multiple memory usage / stability fixes
Code: Fix one more cause of memory leak (less minor)
Code: Fix one more cause of memory leak (not minor at all)

April 2, 2018

Web: Fix supporter remaining progress bar not working for gifted tags
Web: Don't ever cache redirects

March 29, 2018

Web: Don't send forum notifications to topic watches with email disabled

March 28, 2018

Web: Fix switcher-orb for certain beatmap links and on some forum pages, also increase offset when on forum to not cover bookmark menu.

March 26, 2018

Web: Don't redirect users accessing via old.ppy.sh
Web: Default to new site based on cookie setting

March 23, 2018

Web: Add cookie on site-switch to remember preferred/last-accessed site.
Web: Fix some route mappings for the site-switcher orb and hide orb on mobile (when on new site) and in iframes.
Web: Add site switcher orb to aid in navigation between old and new site.
Add memory reporting for OutOfMemory exceptions game-wide

March 22, 2018

Web: Add Feburary Spotlight medal assets and implementation
Web: Fix winner banner CSS to properly align with new-design switch
Web: Add MWC7K 2018 winner banners

March 21, 2018

Web: Update server status link to just point to twitter for now

March 20, 2018

osu!: Reduce HP drain while spinning (25% of previous rate)
osu!taiko: Make it actually possible to miss (scorev2)
osu!taiko: Adjust finishers to award 8x a normal note, up from 4x (scorev2)
osu!taiko: Re-scale combo to be worth 25% of score, up from 20% (scorev2)
osu!taiko: Keep finisher drumrolls at 4x multiplier (scorev2)
osu!taiko: Fix taiko difficulty calculation failing after beatmap update
Score Submission: Use a static lzma encoder to avoid reallocation
Score Submission: Output RAM usage on replay save failure

March 15, 2018

Web: Strip mp4 files on novideo downloads

March 14, 2018

Web: Change daily rank limit to be per game mode
Web: Rank a maximum of two beatmaps per run per mode (per hour)

March 13, 2018

Online: Apply potential fixes for score submission failures
Code: Lock all helper methods
Online: Add replay compression retry logic and extensive logging on failure

March 12, 2018

osu!taiko: Remove inherent accuracy from the combo portion of scoore (scorev2)
osu!taiko: Make taiko finishers give a constant 4x multiplier (scorev2)
osu!taiko: Make taiko drumrolls give at least 100 score for at least one hit tick (scorev2)