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Community Contributors: 2017


Among the osu! community, there are a select assortment of amazing individuals who go above and beyond to help make osu! better for everyone. As is tradition, every year we take a moment to reflect on some particularly outstanding contributors.

If you're unfamiliar with this sort of thing, you may have already seen or noticed a few people wearing the community contributor badge on their profile. These respected individuals have at some point in osu!'s history, made massive contributions that have helped shape the game in a number of ways.

Today, we honour many more.

Do note, there are countless others who contribute massively - this list is by no means exhaustive, and merely represents an acknowledgement of massive, continued contribution over a long period of time as observed by members of the osu!team.


Occasionally, the osu!community is the host to people of incredible magnitude, who take it upon themselves to shape the direction of the game's future.

The contributors below are acknowledged as being some of the most formative individuals within their respective communities or projects, their work having helped make osu! better for everyone.


Instrumental in the genesis of the early osu!taiko community and mapping scene, OnosakiHito's contributions span across dozens of domains, ranging from the Charting Assembly Team, to the later production and management of the Beatmap Spotlights, prototyping and design work for the hush-hush Campaign mode, and an incredibly long, nearly gap-less tenure as a member of the BAT and now the QAT.

OnosakiHito has since retired from the QAT for a long-earned rest, but the sheer scope and depth of his contributions make this award something long in the running, and we are sad to see him step away.


A towering presence in the osu!catch scene, Deif is pretty much responsible for the entire structure surrounding that section of the community. His contributions range from conceptual to organizational, such as building and reworking the osu!catch ranking criteria, setting up osu!catch modding queues, and even assisting massively with the running and maintenance of countless of World Cups across all modes.


A reliable fixture in the community for several years now, deadbeat's contributions expand across numerous domains, from assistance with the osu!academy project to the osu!talks, the osu! Coffee Hour, news article assistance, the osu!weekly, osu!monthly, and so much more - including an incredibly long-standing tenure among the Global Moderation Team, and hundreds of hours of dedicated assistance in running the World Cups.


A long-standing member of the upper echelon of the modding and mapping scene, Garven was in his prime, a member of the BAT and later the QAT. He was one of the scarce few members to consistently check qualified maps for a full year, and was an instrumental part of the early Ranking Criteria rework teams.


One of the most consistently reliable members of the BAT and now the QAT, Mao's contributions range from manning the qualified map report queue, being a major presence in the early Ranking Criteria rework teams, and assisting greatly in the construction of the early Beatmap Nominator tests and scoring process.


One of the oldest members of the BAT and now the QAT, Irreversible's countless contributions are beyond the means to list here. Easily spending hundreds, nearly thousands of hours maintaining the modding and mapping domain, Irreversible's tireless work has helped make the game better for everyone.


Statistically speaking, Nwolf is the World Cup tournaments statistician to end all statisticians. Responsible for the organization and collation of the numerous achievements, firsts and trends observed within all of the official World Cups across all modes, Nwolf's tireless dedication is the reason why so many are able to follow the tournaments as they happen.

His insight and trends tracking have been instrumental in guiding many aspects of the tournament's growth, such as mappool selection and more.


Referee extraordinaire, there are only a few community-run tournaments that do not have Yazzehh's presence in them somewhere. Refereeing for well over 40 community tournaments, Yazzehh is a poster-child for the 'get in and make it happen' attitude that makes osu! tick, and it is through her efforts and those like her that the future of the community tournaments scene stems from.


For over two years, Evrien has been tirelessly involving himself in some of the most prestigious events in the game. From featuring as a caster-commentator for the osu! World Cups, to being the mind responsible behind the recap writeups for countless community happenings ranging from meetups, to tournament stage recaps and more.

Evrien has made it his mission to ensure everybody knows what the best of the best are up to, and we have people like him to thank for the growing prominence of osu!'s tournament scene.


These contributors have made massive contributions in the form of code, projects, services, or a mixture of all three. These unsung heroes are the beating heart from which the game's future is built.


Responsible for a huge number of additions and improvement to osu! and the osu!lazer project, Tom94's reach extends well into the heart of the game's core gameplay - his changes to star rating and pp proving to be the cornerstone of the game's progression in recent times. The mathematical magic and wizardry responsible for such madness cannot be understated.

Beyond that, his continued contributions to osu!lazer (and the underlying framework behind it) have greatly helped push the project forward, and while he may have retreated into a less involved role in recent months, he remains an integral part of the team behind osu!, and we're very grateful to have had him work with us.


Responsible for numerous display views ranging from pause overlays, to mod selection, popup dialogs, leaderboards, the social browser, multiplayer rooms, medal splashes and much more, DrabWeb's contributions are as important as they are numerous.


A prime contributor to the osu!lazer project, EVAST's work has been instrumental in improving countless aspects of the new client, and his expertise and continued dedication to pushing the project forward is greatly valued.


The mind behind numerous low-level fixes, refactors and enhancements, huoyaoyuan's tireless work and contribution have brought the osu!lazer project forward in leaps and bounds.


Responsible for largely organizing the Chinese translation effort on both the osu!wiki and the new website, kj415j45 has opened up the game to a huge portion of osu!'s community. It is on the backs of people like kj415j45 that osu! has become as wide-reaching and inclusive as it is, and we are grateful to have had so much of his time and hard work invested into the project.


From developing numerous fixes and features for the osu!lazer project to some of the streaming tools used by the osu!academy and media crew to make things like the osu!talks happen, jorolf's contributions have driven osu! forward in subtle, but important ways.


The developer behind many popular tools and sites such as PeformancePlus, and osu!chan, Syrin's efforts to help people better understand their progression, scores, and skills have been widely appreciated by many in the community.


Responsible for collating the happenings of the osu! community into bite-sized forms, those who make their presence known in the domain of media help to venerate the efforts of others.


One of the minds behind the Scorewatch project, Raveille's desire to showcase the amazing performance of others culminated in the birth of a regular media staple in osu! for almost a full year straight, without rest.


The second half of the Scorewatch project's leadership, ThePooN may very well be a top player in his own right, but this did not stop him from spending hundreds of hours of his time helping bring exposure to the amazing performances of his peers.


The osu!wiki project is one of the largest undertakings behind the move from the old website to the new - with the old osu!wiki possessing untold amounts of important information and clarification for many of the more fiddly bits surrounding osu!.

The contributors listed within this section have contributed immensely towards the project's never-ending completion.


By far and above the most active and reliable contributor to the osu!wiki project, MegaApple_Pi's work is so numerous and widespread that it is nearly impossible to find a portion of the project that he hasn't been involved in. Without him, the project would be a shadow of its current self, and we are immensely thankful for his continued contribution to the project.


One of the earliest and most reliable contributors to the osu!wiki project, TPGPL's efforts towards laying out structure and the groundwork for articles and reworks of all kinds has been instrumental in getting the wiki off the ground. TPGPL's work and ethic represents everything that we could've ever hoped for when opening osu! up to open source contribution, and we are incredibly grateful for his hundreds of hours of hard work.

2017 has been an incredible year for osu!, and we're super proud to see people continuing to step up and help keep the game going strong.

osu! is very unique among many online communities in that individuals with sufficient drive and gusto may use their talents to help shape the game's direction and outcome - from player to contributor alike.

These lists get bigger and bigger every year, and we hope it continues to end up that way!