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osu! Coffee Hour: Tournaments


The osu! Coffee Hour returns this week to focus on something dear to many players' hearts - tournaments. We'll be sitting down and covering some details on the current community tournament scene, and also the upcoming osu! World Cup. Have your questions about osu!'s tournament scene answered, featuring deadbeat, Toy, Yazzehh and Loctav!

This week's theme

This week's discussion topic is the tournament scene, ranging from player-run community tournaments, all the way to the big-name, official osu! World Cups.

Joining me (HappyStick) in this week's session will be Loctav and deadbeat from the osu!team, tournament victor extraordinaire Toy, and one of the most involved referees in the community tournament scene, Yazzehh.


It's the Coffee Hour, so you know how this goes - we'd like to hear your questions on the topic!

Interested in how official tournaments are run and organized? How community tournaments go? Anything related to the tournament scene or the World Cups is fair game, so post your questions in the comments below.

We'll pick a bunch of the most upvoted comments to present to the guests for discussion on the show.

When is this happening?

The next episode of the osu! Coffee Hour will be happening this Friday, the 27th of October, at 11PM UTC over at osulive.

See you there!