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osu!mania 4K World Cup - Results


At long last, we've finally reached the end of the osu!mania 4K World Cup! Here's to another year of keysmashing, as we dive right into the thrilling conclusion!



Over the course of osu!mania 4K World Cup history, never has there been a tournament more spectacular or successful. Consisting of 78 intense matches over 6 gruelling weeks, the top 32 teams from all around the world did battle, and were undoubtedly pushed to their limits. However, only one team would stand triumphant in the face of these difficult trials.

Let's not wait any longer - it's time to announce the results of the osu!mania 4K World Cup!


With a nearly flawless winning streak, team South Korea are crowned the osu!mania 4K World Cup 2017 Champions!

Team captain jakads returns again to lead South Korea towards victory for their second year in a row! Despite being only a 5-man team, their impressive skill and teamwork was what allowed them to prevail. Amazingly, they did not concede a single point at all during the elimination stages. They will proudly carry the title of osu!mania champions for another year!

South Korea takes home the grand prize - $150 per team member, exclusive osu! pins and merchandise, a unique profile badge, and the highly coveted "osu!mania Champion" user title for one year! Many congratulations to them!

To those who have purchased a South Korea banner, your profiles shall sing their victory as you continue to wear their country colours until the osu! World Cup.

Stepping up their game from last year, team United States takes 2nd place.

With a mix of new and returning players, the United States team proved to be much more well-rounded this year. Veteran player Zyph steps up to the role of team captain for his first time ever, and has done an excellent job in keeping the team together. This newfound balance definitely proved to be a key factor in their outstanding performance.

The United States will receive $80 per team member, along with exclusive osu! pins and merchandise, and a unique profile badge. Congratulations to them!

Even with the internet conspiring against them, team Brazil proudly walks home with the bronze.

Brazil was also a team that consisted of new and old blood, resulting in an overall improvement from last year. Unfortunately, some of the players were plagued by connection issues throughout the tournament, which led to some losses that were uncalled for. In spite of this, team captain andreymyc was able to keep team spirits high, and managed to secure a seat at the podium. Definitely worthy of 3rd place this year.

Brazil will receive $40 per team member, as well as exclusive osu! pins and merchandise, and a unique profile badge. Well done to them!


In celebration of the success of this tournament, let's briefly recount the events that transpired over the past 2 weeks.

Firstly, a word from our Mappool Selectors:

"With regards to the Finals Mappool, we really don't have an awful lot to say. It's great that what we aimed with the tiebreaker actually happened - we wanted the players to be ULTRA nervous on the break because they would be able to see the score difference between the teams. We are certainly happy that the tiebreaker was played despite the unfortunate internet incident.

I guess the only thing that was a bit disconcerting was the slight lack of speed picks and the recurring bans on the same maps, but a tiebreaker match more than made up for that (considering it has never happened before!). Overall, it's been a pleasure to have taken part in the map selecting process."

Tournament Matches:

Week 1

The first two matches initially saw very dominant performances from Japan and Brazil. Taking place in the Losers Bracket, both teams eliminated Chile and the United Kingdom respectively, securing their win at 6 - 0 without too much trouble. 4 teams left.

The Winners Bracket match saw South Korea face off against the United States, which also ended up in a 6 - 0 victory. The United States definitely put up a good fight, but the difference in skill was simply too great. South Korea won every point by a significant margin, knocking the US to the Losers Bracket.

The winners of the first two matches then faced each other, ending up in a 6 - 1 win in favour of Brazil. Brazil started off strongly, winning 3 points in quick succession. Japan saw a brief respite on their own 2nd pick, but Brazil doubled the pressure in repsonse, securing their eventual victory. 3 teams left.

The final match of the week ended in a tiebreaker, a first in osu!mania 4K World Cup Finals history! The match saw a fateful encounter between Brazil and the United States, a rematch from exactly one year ago. Would the results play out any differently this year round? Brazil was the first to pick, and after a series of close calls (including a disconnect and someone accidentally hitting the Windows key??), it was not long before the match reached 5 - 5.

The tiebreaker was fierce and unforgiving, and the atmosphere was electrifying. Twitch chat exploded to a whole new level as they prayed for Guilhermeziat's internet when his connection began to falter. Those prayers did not go unanswered, but alas it was not enough, as ultimately it would be the United States who emerged victorious with a score difference of only 8,368. This match could not have gone closer.

And now we're down to the final two teams!

Week 2

The final match of the tournament saw the rematch between the United States and South Korea. After their convincing victory over the United States last week, coupled with the fact that they needed to lose twice, it was almost inevitable that South Korea would be crowned champion once more. The United States definitely gave it their all, but the rest as you know is history. Nevertheless, the final match of the tournament was still a visual spetacle - a satisfying conclusion to this breathtaking journey for sure.

And that's all from me today. Apologies for being slow on the announcements regarding the previous week - that is entirely my fault alone. Regardless, it's been a pleasure covering the osu!mania 4K World Cup. If you have any suggestions on how the recap could be done better, please leave a comment down below - all feedback is highly appreciated.

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