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Scorewatch: July Week 4


July has finally ended but it definitely did not end without a bang! An amazing EZDTFL play on a popular map, a couple of number 1 plays and more crazy non osu!standard scores, all you don't want to miss!

With a leaderboard filled with NF scores, you would think seeing a HD score would be pretty unbelievable. Emilia decided to slap that mod on, setting the number one score on ZiGZaG HACKER - V^3 (Hello World) with a crazy HD 25x miss 84.02% play to beat out Cookiezi on combo! Things really speed up at 1:17.

Toy definitely became a superstar, setting the first HDHR FC (with 97.51%) on the technical map Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE (feat. Krewella) - Superstar with 97.51%. This subtly reminds me of Hollow Wings.

We showed him once! But now, Ekoro is back on fire once again with a new score on Niko - Made of Fire, an amazing 95.39% EZDTFL FC to earn 407pp. Honestly, we cannot even imagine something this crazy happening.

We never thought we would see slow fruits falling from the sky. We are in luck, thanks to qebrus with his pretty awesome EZ SS on LeaF - Calamity Fortune to earn 398pp. Seeing something this slow is so satisfying.

osu!mania is back on the Scorewatch after a brief absence, this time round we got jakads extending his lead on the crown on the gamemode even further with the first FC on LeaF - Doppelganger, an absolutely smashing 99.72% run securing 1926pp (not to mention with sudden death). What else do we really want to say about this play? Go watch it!


Mathi set his new top personal play on the recently ranked map Minazuki Airi with Atsushi - Daisuki, Evolution, scoring an amazing 98.54% HR FC to claim a whopping 682pp, beating out his previous top personal play by 60pp! Make way for the number one Chilean!

Bubbleman is on the rise with an insane 98.26% HDDT FC on Hagumi Nishizawa - My Hero! Up to you! and grabbed 647pp, knocking Cookiezi out of his throne on the map! With that score, he is now up into the Top 40 global.


ExGon and Ryoko slap on some extraordinary mod combinations and battle it out on xi - Glorious Crown with EZ and FL!

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