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osu!weekly #104


We’re headed into an action packed summer kicking development into high gear! This week, we bid farewell to some old scaffolds the facilitate the construction of our new website. Curious to find out what has changed? Read on to find out!

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Weekly News
Score Watch

There are a lot of updates on multiple development fronts this week, but let's start off with progress on osu!lazer. For those of you who are new to the sharper-than-cutting-edge side of development, osu!lazer represents the hope and future of our beloved game. The completely open source overhaul of everything from the ground up has been tirelessly worked on by both members of the community and mainstay developers from the team.

  • Chat tabs are now more interactable! One major improvement over the old chat tabs is the ability to resize the tabs as you see fit.
  • Timelines now provide more quantifiable information! You’ll now see numerical progress and play time information along with the new density graphs.
  • Information dialogues now narrate every change you make to the game via hotkeys! This was made possible by a new container type that previously did not exist in the osu! client called “On-screen Displays”.
  • Finally, more options are implemented and they are now searchable! Looks familiar? The new options menu is a rather comparatively recent feature in our old client, so it's no surprise much of the old UX has been retained.

We have merged our domains for both the new and old version of the website! This means that all pages on the new site will now point to the correct live addresses as they will be when we phase out the old, and older pages will be slowly taken offline as their replacements become ready over time. For the time being, new.ppy.sh will still direct you to the new front page under the primary domain.

The mediawiki based osu!wiki will become read-only very soon! If you still want to contribute to the initiative to document osu! to every detail, you’re going to have to catch on to the new markdown based system on github.

The QAT posted a review of the latest round of non-standard BNs, giving us a glimpse at how we admit new members! The breakdowns of the BN tests are likely to be useful and interesting for anyone who are looking to join the group in the future, so be sure to read up if you don’t want to fall behind!

**Registration for the osu!catch world cup is now closed!** Excited to see who made it to your favorite team’s roster this year? Check out the [official wiki page](https://github.com/ppy/osu-wiki/blob/master/wiki/Tournaments/CWC/2017/en.md) for further updates, as well as the [discussion thread](https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/589552) to share your excitement with everyone else! Live drawings are set to happen on May 28th at 1400 UTC.

Starting off the week, Riviclia shocked the EZ scene with an amazing 97.98% EZDT FC on TRUE - Soundscape on StarR’s Euphonious, landing him 422pp. Yes, that is still his skin. Best skin.

Piggey continues to shoot up the rankings by setting a crazy 99.14% HDNC FC on RADWIMPS - Zen Zen Zense (movie ver.) on Taki’s difficulty, earning an outstanding 616pp and the No. 1 spot (now No. 2 as Rafis sniped it). So this is how chipmunks would sing this song.

Where did my eyes go? Mafham went hysterical and set an unbelievable HD SS on Scognito - Spelunker on the rainbow seizures difficulty. You’d be joking if you said you knew what was going on while watching this.

[224]Hyperw7 continues to widen his lead in the osu!catch rankings with a solid 99.61% HR FC on DJ Totoriott - Chronoxia, giving him 571pp. Those are some small fruits… er… small squares?

jakads broke the 30,000pp barrier by pulling off a stunning 95.00% DT A rank play on LeaF - Doppelganger on his own difficulty to earn 2402pp. Many congratulations to jakads for being the first person to reach such an impressive milestone.


kablaze sniped Musty on Noboru feat.Mitani Nana - Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa with a decent 99.35% HDHR FC to give him 553pp.

Blue Dragon ran riot on Ocelot - TSUBAKI as he took the No. 2 spot by setting an amazing 98.44% HD FC to earn himself 257pp.


It’s the amazing Wolf and the amazing Bacon (WubWoofWolf and Vaxei) as they go head to head on MinG3012’s Aspire map: Helblinde - The Solace of Oblivion.

A lot of symbolic milestones have been reached for the past week, and we’re finally seeing the future of our game take shape. With osu! on the verge of the first major transformation in many years, how can you not be pumped up for the weeks to come? If you have any ideas or stories you’d like to share with us, don’t be shy and drop by the osu!dev discord to give us your thoughts in the #osu-weekly channel! Otherwise, feel free to send us an e-mail at news@ppy.sh.