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Scorewatch: June Week 2


Light it up with this week's Scorewatch, featuring some crazy plays on Blue Zenith, United DT, squartatrice and more!

Mlaw22’s 99.56% FC on xi - Blue Zenith is a mixture of 90% skill and 10% absolute luck. Watch as he tanks through the monster streams as if they're nothing, complete with a reaction that makes you think he does this sort of thing on a daily basis!

Wilchq finally lit his top ranks up on fire with his first ever 600pp play on Camellia - Light it up with a crazy 99.76% HDHR FC to claim 601pp. All his hard work paid off in the end!

shinchikuhome set a breathtaking 1x 100 DT score on the recently spotlighted Our Stolen Theory - United (L.A.O.S Remix), earning 498pp. At OD7, this DT score is truly a testament to his amazing accuracy - a must see for all taiko players!

SimSimHam (formerly known as FaL3C_ChoBo) managed to pull off something that many would deem impossible. His #1 6x 200 score on Jack Trammell - SV Pack Marathon diff (all three songs in one) is an incredible show of SV reading skill. I definitely recommend watching the video below, your head will be blown!

Pope Gadget has also shown off his SV (but not only!) skills on Camellia - Glitch Nerds. The map has a little bit of everything - long notes, jacks, speed sections, bursts - and he does them nearly perfectly! Check the play out yourself in the video below!


Rafis joins the ranks of the unholy trinity of players (consisting of filsdelama, Angelsim and Vaxei) by setting the next HDHRDT FC on ClariS - Hitorigoto -TV MIX- with 97.84%, earning 655pp! While he didn’t quite make the No. 1 spot on the leaderboards, he certainly enjoyed finally getting the score he wanted!

Dustice took a huge blow to his score on Remo Prototype[CV: Hanamori Yumiri] - Sendan Life with a 2x 100 1x miss HDHR play (99.74%) to earn himself 613pp. This score could’ve matched even Cookiezi’s score!

OskaRRRitoS took MillhioreF - Waltz o' the Irish and played it for 3 days straight! Not willing to be outdone by ExGon who did the same map a couple weeks ago, he does it with HTNF and grabs an SS! For once this is a score we won’t recommend you to watch in its entirety, but definitely something worth mentioning.


Estonians takes on Zei- on the 6.16* Loved osu!mania map gmtn. vs. kozato (fw. LUZE) - squartatrice!

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