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Scorewatch: July Week 1


A fierce war in the top 5 of osu!standard, a Glitch Nerds score battle between the 2 best players of osu!mania, and some taiko action all wrapped up in the first week of July!

filsdelama leapt into the 13,000pp range with an amazing 99.83% DT FC on TRUE - DREAM SOLISTER (only 3x 100s!) to earn himself 683pp. The llama definitely went for Rafis' tail in rankings, pushing him down to 5th after another string for amazing scores.

But, Rafis was not to be disheartened, for he still had some tricks up his sleeves, setting another 700pp score! Like filsdelama, he (almost) destroyed RADWIMPS - Yume Tourou by scoring an impressive 98.43% HDHRDT 1x sliderbreak to set his top personal score at 734pp. We won't be surprised if he goes for the FC soon.

And when we thought it was just a duel, Angelsim joins the battle and mirrors what Rafis did as well, scoring a crazy 98.25% HDHRDT FC on RADWIMPS - Yume Tourou to earn himself the exact same pp Rafis got, at 734pp! Don't we all just love a bit of fire in the top 5?

Miss _yu68 already? Fear not, he is back on setting scores here with a possibly casual 99.63% DT FC on Infected Mushroom - Nutmeg to score 538pp. We really have to wonder how he manages to do stuff like this without fail.

We love people setting chaotic scores. We also love people setting chaotic scores to chaotic songs. So here is snoverpk pulling off a 96.28% DT 878k result on Hermit - Dysnomia worth 931pp. This song's climax hits past 300BPM, so this is something osu!mania players wouldn't want to miss.


Toy, resident tickler, set an amazing SS score on the Loved O2i3 - TSLove consisting of crazy slider patterns and strenous jumps, with streams mixed into it. I don't know about you guys, but this score is actually out of this world.


It's time for a duel between jakads and dksgo (previously WindyS) who are both global and Korean #1 and #2 rank players! Watch them battle on Camellia - Glitch Nerds in the video below!

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