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New Featured Artist: Wisp X


Energetic, emotional and enthralling, meet Wisp X, our newest addition to the osu! Featured Artist roster!

A fresh new take on some classic EDM and electronica staples, Wisp X's sound has been making waves lately, having been featured on the popular Waifu Wednesdays promotional channel.

Give one of their latest tracks, Eventide a listen and see for yourself:

A multitude of styles and sounds reign supreme in Wisp X's work, with tracks that range from raise-the-roof dancefloor hits to pensive and emotional journeys. We may say this every time, but there's absolutely bound to be something for everyone in Wisp X's work.

Don't believe it? Give Mint a listen, and experience a taste of their talent:

We're proud to present a whopping 24 tracks from Wisp X for usage in osu! mapping, available now at their Featured Artist listing.

As always, any track present on a Featured Artist listing comes pre-timed for your convenience, and is 100% licensed for use for mapping in osu!, so worry less, and map more!

We're looking forward to exploring Wisp X's sound as it continues to grow and evolve in the future, and we hope you are too! Like what you hear? Make sure to check out their Bandcamp and follow them on Twitter to catch their latest work!