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Scorewatch: July Week 3


It might've been a bit calmer this week, but that hasn't stopped players from going nuts with scores! From crazy SS plays, to some osu!taiko insanity, and even some fruit-catching madness - we've got it all in this week's issue of Scorewatch!

Megure unexpectedly got the first ever SS on the Nao's Eclipse difficulty on The Koxx - A FOOL MOON NIGHT, beating out the likes of Dustice and Musty. What control does this guy have in his bones?

Remember Recia? Well, he has gone and set the No. 3 score on Camellia - Light it up with an impressive 99.32% HDHR FC to earn 573pp, beating out Toy, Azer and Adamqs. Not too bad for the number one Japanese player.

WubWoofWolf picks a spot in this article with a massive HDHR SS on DJ S3RL - T-T-Techno (feat. Jesskah) to take 349pp and the number one spot. Weird spacings and sliders prove that this map would take an amazing play for it to get SSed, and the former number one has shown his skill to do so.

_yu68 pushes his limits further by beating out shinchikuhome on DragonForce - Cry Thunder with a crazy 99.90% DT FC to earn 623pp and sniping him for the number one spot. What else is there to say?

Spectator comfortably took goreshit - burn this moment into the retina of my eye and tore it to shreds with a 99.76% HD FC to take 947pp and the number one spot. Have a look at some 217bpm fruit catching action!


kablaze returns to Scorewatch with a very strong play on cillia - Fairytale, scoring an amazing 99.79% HDHR FC to earn 471pp and the number one score on the map (not forgetting to mention his 66.66 UR!). Talk about being a consistent player, this play is not to be underestimated!

In all of his extraordinary glory, kablaze does it again with an amazing HDHR SS on RYO - Shuffle Heaven is pretty extraordinary, racking up 460pp and the number one spot. What a way to snipe WubWoofWolf!


_yu68 and shinchikuhome, the 2 greatest osu!taiko players, go on a DragonForce battle on Symphony of the Night.

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