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Mocha in Summer Fanart Contest Voting Open


The turnout for Mocha's first ever fanart contest has been massive, with over 60 entries now available for voting. Make a splash with your five favourite entries, and help us choose ten talented winners!

We're absolutely astonished with the turnout for this contest, and amazed to see some of the incredible renditions of our newest (and cutest) addition to the osu! mascot lineup.

Voting will be open for 14 days from today, so make sure you get in and make your five votes count!

The top 10 artworks (as voted for by you, the community) will be added into the in-game seasonal background art rotation, and the artists of each piece will receive 2 months of osu!supporter to celebrate their efforts.

We'd like to extend our thanks to everybody who entered the contest, and we're all super excited to see who the winners turn out to be.