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Introducing the Loved Captain's Pick


As discussed in the osu! Coffee Hour dedicated to Loved, the community voting has returned for another round, this time featuring hand-picked maps from some of the top players of each gamemode!

Spearheaded and organized by the efforts of Toy, the Captain's Pick heralds a brief return to the old way of introducing maps into Loved while the system is in its temporary hiatus. From tournament winners to mappool selectors, commentators and more, the latest Loved voting covers pretty much all bases of the upper echelons of play.

We're not sure yet if this is something that we'll be continuing in the future (regarding the Captain's Pick concept itself), but we're certainly eager to give it a go.

If you're new to this whole Loved voting thing, never fear - it's super easy to get started.

Head on over to the Community Voice forum, pick the threads for the gamemodes that you play, and toss your four votes at any (or all) of the maps that you think should be in Loved.

You can change your vote at any time, and the maps that score within a certain threshold (6-10%) of all total votes will be added to Loved when the votes close on the 2nd of October.

It's that easy. Head on over and have your choices heard!