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Aspire 2017: osu!taiko Voting Opens Soon


After a long period of preparation, Aspire 2017: osu!taiko is ready to begin! Join us this Saturday the 22nd July at 14:00 UTC for a livestreamed preview of the final twelve entries, including the expert commentary of our talented judges, namely mangomizer, Unmei Muma, and Nwolf!

We've been absolutely blown away by how visually stunning some of the entries are, with many of osu!taiko's finest creative minds pulling out all the stops to produce some truly spectacular displays.

There will be carnage, there will be crazy storyboards, and there will be things that you've never seen or even thought of before. Even if you're not an avid player of osu!taiko, tune in and have a look!

We'll be starting at Saturday 22 July, 14:00 UTC over at the official osu! Twitch channel. The voting will go live as soon as the stream begins, so you can vote along with everybody else watching!

Be there, or be square. Or as Evrien once put it, don't be square, because we are circles.

See you there!