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New Featured Artist: OISHII


What do chiptunes and food have in common? They're both OISHII! No, really, they're the favourite things of osu!'s latest Featured Artist, blasting soon to a beatmap near you!

A relatively new face on the chiptune scene, OISHII has been making waves after appearing out of literally nowhere.

All that we know is that every track of theirs is a sugar rush of 8-bit inspired hits, with video game and anime references sprinkled in to boot. Familiar with the Kirby games? You'll probably find OISHII familiar, too!

Have a listen to ONIGIRI FREEWAY and see for yourself:

Not satisfied? Take a trip down the COCOA WATERSLIDE:

One thing is certain - all of OISHII's tracks are explosively sweet and short, and we now have 7 of them immediately available for you to use in beatmapping.

Check out OISHII's Featured Artist listing for more, including pre-timed .oszs for your mapping pleasure!

And as always, any track present on a Featured Artist listing is 100% licensed for mapping in osu!, so worry less, and map more!

Make sure to visit OISHII's Bandcamp if you want to support their work, and follow them on Twitter. Don't mind the all-caps though!