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New Featured Artists: S3RL and nanobii


Happy, Hardcore, and Happy Hardcore fans unite! Two new incredibly talented musicians enter the roster of our Featured Artists: namely S3RL and nanobii!

So much talent all at once. Where do we even start?

If you've played osu! for any length of time at all, you've undoubtedly encountered S3RL's sound before, one way or another. From the outrageously popular Pika Girl sensation of 2012 onwards to any other of his incredibly catchy tracks, S3RL has been something of a mainstay in the osu! community for quite a while.

We're super excited to welcome him aboard as a full-fledged osu!musician. If you live under a rock and haven't heard S3RL before, have a taste below:

If bouncy, rave-like tracks are your deal, then head on over to S3RL's Featured Artist listing for an assortment of amazing tracks, pre-timed and ready for you to map.

And as if that isn't enough already, we're also delighted to welcome the much-loved nanobii to the roster of osu!musicians as well. King of all that is sweet and sugary, nanobii's saccharine sound is sure to have something for everybody. Ranging from slower, heartfelt sojourns on the beach with tracks like Pinky Promise, to thumping, raise-the-roof beats in HYPER★DRIVE, you're bound to fall under nanobii's spell.

Got a sweet-tooth? Head over to nanobii's Featured Artist listing and satisfy your cravings on some of his tracks, all pre-timed and 100% ready for you to map with.

As with all Featured Artists, every track on their listings is licensed fully for use in all things osu! related, and all come pre-packaged and ready to map. If you like what either of these amazing artists are made of, make sure to support their work and show them some love - buttons to all of their major social outlets are available from every Featured Artist listing on the right hand side.

The Featured Artist roster is just going to keep getting bigger! We've got a bunch more artists lined up to join in the coming months, and we're looking forward to presenting you with some familiar names, and maybe some new talent that you've never heard of before.

Keep your ears open!