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New Featured Artist: Rin / Function Phantom


The talent behind Function Phantom and a dozen other aliases to boot, Rin joins us from the Kuroneko Lounge as a Featured Artist!

Chances are that one way or another, you've probably already heard some of Rin's exceptional work from any number of his aliases - DJ Ginsuke, Ocelot, SiSTEMA, Function Phantom, Thinktech and more.

Rin's work as Function Phantom already holds a place in the hearts of players across the globe, with his sound featured in the OWC 2016 Semifinals as one of the most fearsome picks from the NoMod pool.

Don't remember? Missed it? Give it a listen:

You might've already noticed that Algebra from Function Phantom was featured as the song choice for osu!taiko's first Aspire contest. We're also proud to announce that Euclid and Neuronecia are available as well, with hopefully more from him coming in the future.

But, it doesn't end there! Function Phantom aside, we're excited to introduce three sets from Rin's Touhou House mix series, a distinctly new twist on some classic sounds from ZUN and the Touhou universe as a whole.

We currently have three of these sets available for use in mapping - the House set of Double Dealing Character, the House set of Imperishable Night and the House set of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. These three together comprise of over 60 tracks, massively varied in sound and feeling - but all distinctly Touhou in their own way.

We have six more in the works to be released over the coming months, so Touhou lovers rejoice!

Like Rin's work? Check out his Featured Artist listing for more of his work, all totally timed and ready to map! Also check his YouTube channel, where you can get a sneak peek of his latest tracks.

We look forward to hearing a lot more of Rin's work in the future, and as always, any track on his Featured Artist page is 100% licensed to use for mapping in osu! - so worry less, and map more!