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Scorewatch: September Week 2


Scorewatch continues to thrive with more incredible plays from the community! We got a crazy -GN play on HELIX, _yu68 snatching the highest pp play in osu!taiko from an interesting source, and a SapphireGhost throwback score all in this week's article! Read on to find out more!

-GN is back in scorewatch with another crazy play, this time on ESTi - HELIX (Edit ver.), setting an incredible 99.68% FC to take the number 2 spot and 280pp! What else can we really say, this guy is on another level.

Rafis choked an 800pp play after he missed only once on HoneyWorks - Akatsuki Zukuyo with a 97.19% HDDT score to take 711pp. Without the miss, this score could have definitely given him the prestigious 800pp score! NotLikeThis.

Cookiezi has another 700pp score in sight... that was what we thought when he decided to miss the last note of Foreground Eclipse - From Under Cover (Caught Up In A Love Song), setting a 99.32% HDHR 1x miss to earn 690pp. Intentional or not, he still remains top amongst the rest.

_yu68 has gotten the top pp play in osu!taiko in a cheeky fashion, by setting the first HDDT FC on hs own map, D(ABE3) - MANIERA, with a fascinating accuracy of 99.19% to grab 792pp on the 10.31* difficulty! _yu68 is definitely a virtuoso!

How many times can ExGon show up in scorewatch? Too many times. He has managed to set an unbelievable DT SS on 9mm Parabellum Bullet - Inferno on the Overdose difficulty to take a whopping 1014pp. ExGon things.


Many players may not know how much of a beast SapphireGhost was back in 2014, so here is osu!archive doing what they do best and picking his 96.99% HDNCSD FC on Tomohito Nishiura - Theme of the Last Time Travel (Live) to take 225pp and the number one spot on the map.

Once again, do support osu!archive (it is still ongoing on the osugame reddit), more scores are being churned out as this gets published!


Monko2k has surged up the rankings without a care after he set an amazing 99.71% HR 1x sliderbreak on BABYMETAL - Gimme chocolate!! to grab 611pp. This unfortunate incident does not seem to hinder him that much as he has risen into the top 25 globally!


WindyS takes on cheewee10 on the 6* 7K map m108 - * Crow Solace *.

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