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Beatmap Spotlights: June 2017


Demetori, Infected Mushroom, Seiryu, Krux and more in this month's Beatmap Spotlights! Take a look, have a play, and maybe even win some osu!supporter tags while you're at it!

Each month, a selection of volunteers work alongside the Quality Assurance Team to pick out the best of the best for each mode. We reward the top beatmap in each category by providing 1 month of supporter status to the mapper. The June 2017 spotlight rankings will conclude on the 15th August 2017.

Past Spotlights results

First of all, congratulations to the winners of the May 2017 Spotlights. They receive one month of supporter status for their efforts!


Absolute mastery of a style at its finest. GoldenWolf's latest marathon takes us on a journey through this epic piece by Demetori. The structure of the map is simple, yet refined. The gameplay experience is difficult, yet accompanies the song perfectly. And not to mention the classic meticulous GoldenWolf hitsounding! A well-deserved top placing on this month's charts.

After No Poi, Asahina Momoko returns again in 2017 to bring us more Chino - and good mapping. Asahina Momoko never sticks to the 'mapping-meta', and as such, all his maps are always different and interesting.

With his particular style, he's managed to capture this song perfectly with innovative spacing usage to create varying intensities. His rhythm usage is top notch, being consistent enough to maintain playability, while having ample variation so it does not bore out the player with its length. You won't regret giving this one a good play through!

Delis continues to impress, taking yet another spot in this month's spotlights. The map perfectly represents the intensity changes in the song. Combined with great flow and variety, this makes an overall great experience. Definitely a map to check out!

This month, Okorin brings us a more modern re-map of an old favorite. The higher difficulties are captivating with some fun jumps and well-placed symmetry, though the lower difficulties manage to compare just as well, mirroring the song's interesting rhythm and building central themes and motifs to follow. This one's worth checking out for players of all skill levels.

Mapping a song which consists out of low BPM, strong vocals and an accompaniment of touching instruments isn't an easy task to do. However, appleeaterx has succeeded in doing so with this mapset. He has combined the perfect slider velocity, the right amount of note density and well-placed accents like slider slowdowns with a beautiful arrangement of hitsounds to ensure the best gameplay possible for a player.

If you are bored of your generic anime-pp-jumpmap, definitely give this a try and experience an emotionally valuable beatmap.


It's not too uncommon for one mapper to top the charts twice. It's happened several times already, but Hanjamon's managed to do it again with an exceptional beatmap set to Infected Mushroom's Nutmeg.

This seven minute long map features all kinds of things, from typical 1/4-snapped sections (the common snapping in Oni difficulties), to more tricky combinations with 1/6 and 1/8 snaps, mixed together with a high amount of slider velocity changes to highlight the varying power of each of the song's sections. Another noteworthy aspect of this map is the usage of a pattern, that has become less common in recent maps - the long monocolor 1/6. All around a worthy number one slot for this month's charts.

Charlotte sure has been popular in the osu!taiko spotlights these last months, and rightfully so! Once again providing the ranked section with a great mapset, featuring as always a flawless structure and a perfect 1/6 snapping usage in the Inner Oni, it deserves the attention of osu!taiko players this month!

He might be a rookie, but gaston_2199 mapset is no less impressive despite his relative inexperience at mapping, boasting a solid structure with common patterning to boot. Combining different patterns within the same structure, he manages to create a map that highlights the melody of the song without being boring, highlighting a big emphasis on streams coupled with hitsounds tied closely to the music itself. In conclusion, the map is well structured and could be a good model to learn how to map an osu!taiko map on this kind of song.

Following the immense popularity of the song "We Are Number One", this Dunderpartrullen remix offers an even catchier rhythm in addition to the already memorable tune. Midnaait's mapset capitalizes on this extremely well, offering a wide selection of fun difficulties to play, with contributions from guest mappers Lno and Kantan.

In his flagship Number Oni difficulty, Midnaait shows off the most diverse range of technical snappings. Minute slider velocity changes are used in conjuction with this to keep everything flowing smoothly. Particularly impressive to note was his stylistic placement of 1/8th doublets throughout - this complemented well with the quirky nature of the song, and gave it an extra "kick" to make the map all the more enjoyable.


With enjoyable mapping and unique rhythms, ZiRoX and fellow collaborators Ascendance and Spectator have created a map that challenges the player's reading skills yet is consistent. Spectator's Abyss provides a pleasant reading challenge with circle zize 5 as well as some custom hitsounds that add to the atmosphere of the map. Rain catches attention with it's lower approach rate of 8.7 and dash patterns that are usually uncommon in the current meta. While Cup, Salad and Platter are more standard offerings gameplay wise, they are still enjoyable to play.

Making an appearance alongside Asahina Momoko's spotlight worthy osu! difficulty, veteran mapper Minato Yukina (previously known as CLSW) showcases his experience of catch mapping with a map that does a wonderful job of expressing the intricate rhythms of this cute and upbeat song. While it's not quite at the level of difficulty many players have to come know his maps for its still sure to provide a challenge for all but the best catch players.

It takes skill to make an interesting map out of a simple song, but RoseusJaeger has achieved that nicely here. Each difficulty features a variety of instrumental and vocal rhythm choices, layered together in a clean, fun and intuitive way, resulting in a beatmap set that is relaxing and fun to play for players of all skill levels. The creative use of 1/6 patterns adds some variety and character, helping this set to stand out among the many available choices in what has undoubtedly been a very productive month for osu!catch mapping.

Mapping lower BPM certainly brings its own challenges in osu!catch but JBHyperion has made it look near effortless here. Making excellent use of absolutely everything at his disposal, dashes, hyperdashes, anti-flow and some fairly unique stream patterns, it all comes together to represent the music fantastically whilst still being a real delight to play across all difficulties. Once again he delivers a level of quality every catch mapset should aspire to achieve.


This time, Reba is bringing us an almost perfectly structured beatmap in every aspect as well as seven guest difficulties. Although the BPM is not really high, you can find challenging patterns such as jacks, long notes, chordstreams and more, specially in Critical_Star's.

Talking about the hardest map in the set, it has everything mentioned before but way more dense than all the other diffculties as well as a few noticeable Slider Velocity changes at the last section of the map. It has every kind of difficulties, going from 1 star to almost 6 and a half so it's recommended to play to anyone.

It's always a good surprise to find an amazing mapset as a first ranked map, and this is the case with Protastic101's set! This set shows a lot of diversity: Burst, Jumpstreams, long notes - but the most amazing point of the set is the usage of Slider Velocity, empathizing a lot of slower parts and creating a really powerful feeling on the harder ones. Overall, it creates a really challenging and technical map set, sprinkled with a lot rare patterns seldom seen in the ranked section.

Tofu1222's mapset is certainly a surprise for me. Kicking off with a low scroll speed section that slowly speeds up to your usual scroll building up the momentum with a no stop low density handstream into a technical jump-gallops with really flowy dense bursts. Fear not for those who are not capable to play this since the next difficulty from Eedow is as good an as fun to play accuracy wise but just in a lower level.

This mapset overall is a nice and fun accuracy map hidden there in the ranked pool. It contains great technical elements, some mini long notes and slider velocity changes. I really wanted to give it the chance to be featured here. Well deserved spot for a solid mapset.

And that is all we had in the Spotlights this month. We hope you enjoy the mapsets we offered this time and we hope you look forward to what we have in store next month as well!