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osu!weekly #102


The days of our current client are numbered! With so much going into the work of our new platform, how can you afford to be behind on news? Read on to find out what you have been missing.

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We’re still going strong with lazer related updates! Even though a lot of the work is done at a low technical level, at a glance, last week’s updates can be summed up like this:

If you’re waiting for registrations of CWC to open, don’t worry! I got a tip that we’re nearing the beginning of the registration phase extremely soon, so sit tight while we get some final adjustments in place for the formalities!

The osu!talk that happened this week featured a host of different prolific members of the community with their input on community tournaments. We were lucky to have Doomsday, HappyStick, and juankristal with us to discuss their contributions to the community tournament scene, as well as what their plans are for the coming weeks for their respective events.

Watch live video from osulive on www.twitch.tv

Whoops, we missed out on a pretty neat contest for the past two weeks! The osu!hello there competition has concluded its registration phase and is primed for judging to happen within the coming days. pishifat will be joining them in a discussion about the entrants as well as an AMA, streamed live on their twitch channel on the 5th of May, 1500 UTC!

It looks like The8bitDrummer had an absolute blast jamming along to the main menu staple that we all know and love! For those of you who have never heard of the man known for his eccentric drum covers, his channel hosts a variety of well known attempts of him doing live improvisation on songs from around the internet. Nekodex himself was humbled by the cover, and I think we can all agree that we can get addicted to this elaborate expression of rhythm!

Someone else other than peppy has been documenting the recent changes to osu!lazer for us! EVAST has been uploading videos showcasing new features in the lazer client. While the features the videos showcase are not exactly as cutting edge as the ones being shown in their in-development states on peppy’s blog, perhaps this is a good place to follow to keep up with the more fleshed out details of the game!

Vaxei became one with the night as he set the next HR FC on DragonForce - Symphony of the Night with 98.41% to earn himself 600pp. He was serious about wanting to HR FC Blue Zenith. Very serious indeed.

Cookiezi’s limits are no longer in the ballpark. He just set an unbelievable HDDT SS on Kanae Asaba - Endless Starlight ~Inochi no Kirameki~ (OP ver.) to earn himself 717pp and the highest ranked SS in terms of pp of all time. 14,000pp now seems believable and we aren’t even half way through the year. We’re enjoying this ride so far.

Azer just set an incredible HDHR FC that is definitely not tied with United! 9mm Parabellum Bullet - Inferno on Tortured Soul Extra is the difficulty in question as he set a 98.35% HDHR FC to earn 602pp. Take a bow.

And we thought he was done! Cookiezi amazes us once again with an otherworldly 95.81% HDDT FC on HoneyWorks - Akatsuki Zukuyo to earn himself 776pp. I think the video below will do the talking.

_yu68 continues to surprise us with an amazing 99.48% HDDT FC on fripSide - Last Fortune (pocotan Remix) to earn himself 730pp. What can this man not do? Someone make a 20* map for him to FC please.


WubWoofWolf came out of his quiet closet to set a very unique 98.55% HDHR FC on MitiS & MaHi - Blu (Speed Up Ver.) to earn himself 406pp, marking the very first HDHR FC on this map.

Angelsim took the courageous route and turned on HR on goreshit - burn this moment into the retina of my eye, taking a staggering 99.83% 1 miss play to earn himself 577pp.

Vaxei sped into another dimension as he took cillia - FIRST on Insane and slapped on HDDT to take an amazing 99.30% FC and to earn 431pp on the map at 285BPM.


This week, we get to watch 2 fortunate players, ExGon and [224]Hyper27, going against each other on Calamity Fortune!

One last thing before we sign off, Future_miku95 became the second ever user to hit level 107! He is second only to RAMPAGE88, who is currently even further ahead at level 108. If you have any ideas you’d like to share with us for inclusion in the osu!weekly, head on over to the osu!dev discord and drop me a mention. Alternatively, if you have inquiries about tournament promotion or something of the sort, feel free to send us an e-mail at news@ppy.sh.