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Halloween 2017 Fanart Voting Now Open


Prepare to be spooked as the Halloween 2017 Fanart Contest opens its creaking doors for voting! What horrors await within? Well, how about 51 ludicrously good entries, and only 5 votes to spend on them?

Rendering our beloved mascots in all of their terrifying Halloween glory, our community artists have really outdone themselves this year with an absolute assortment of impossible choices.

Head on over to the contest listing page to vote now!

A selection from the top-most voted entries will make it into the game client as Halloween seasonal backgrounds, and each winning artist will also nab 2 months of osu!supporter for themselves or a friend.

There's only a week from the date of this post to get your choices in, so make sure to be quick about it! Voting closes the moment All Hallows' Eve sounds. Spooky.