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Scorewatch: July Week 2


Huge plays from unexpected players, a low accuracy battle on IOSYS, and jakads going crazy once again in this week's issue of Scorewatch!

Emilia climbed into the top 10 with an amazing pp spree on stream, setting some crazy scores such as an amazing 99.10% 1x miss HDDT score on HO-KAGO TEA TIME - Kira Kira Days to earn himself a whopping 744pp. His unique tap+x style has definitely proved its worth, and he is now sitting comfortably at 7th in global.

He isn't the only one to enter the 700pp club that day! Yaong surged into the 11k pp club with an unbelievable 98.82% HR FC on xi - Blue Zenith to score 707pp and taking the No. 2 spot on the map, taking the first modded FC on the FOUR DIMENSIONS difficulty. You have to watch this.

Rucker definitely had MinG3012 (and Axarious and Epiphany) in his mind as he went on to take a somewhat unbelievable 16.90% NF FC on IOSYS - Cirno no Perfect Sansuu Kyoushitsu to earn himself 118pp. So, when's the all 50 run? We will be waiting.

osu!catch World Cup 2017 winner [224]Hyperw7 definitely still has some adrenaline in his blood, unleashing the first HDHR FC on onoken - P8107 with an amazing 99.88% accuracy to take 1158pp. So much patience was put into this, but it all paid off.

There are no brakes to what jakads can do, sniping cheetose by a mere 90 points for the No. 1 spot on Kurokotei - Galaxy Collapse and earning 685pp with his 99.91% play. It may not be the highest accuracy on the leaderboards, but it certainly is a really great score.


Seeing an S on Inferi - The Promethean Kings is odd indeed, but not that odd for -GN, stealing the limelight by taking the first FC, using EZHT to guide his way to a 98.68% FC to earn 388pp. The patience in this is remarkable.

A certain Monstrata map, xi - Glorious Crown, was recently ranked, and as such, Angelsim conquered the 2nd hardest difficulty in the mapset, scoring an impressive 98.54% HDHR FC to claim 552pp and the No. 1 spot. The final difficulty has yet to be conquered.


Cookiezi and Gayzmcgee battle it out on a stream test on the map UNDEAD CORPORATION - Everything will freeze.

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