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osu!weekly #105


Even with osu!catch World Cup looming over the horizon, you can’t let your guard down or you’ll fall behind on the never ending onslaught of updates. Read on to catch up with everything osu! has to offer!

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The live drawings for the osu!catch World Cup will be happening this sunday at 1400 UTC! Excited to see who your favorite teams will get grouped up with? Tune in over at the osu!live twitch channel get in on the first round of formalities before the action!

People have been doing some pretty amazing things with the in-progress lazer build already! One such project is Vitaru, a game mode based on the touhosu feature request from ancient history. It looks like with peppy himself taking notice of this project, the cat is out of the bag now! We’ll be providing a lot more support for custom game modes in the future, and vitaru is a prime example of how simple it is to get started with creating your own rhythm based adventure. Keep up the great work!

osu!lazer saw one of it's busiest weeks yet, with development contribution from the community skyrocketing over the course of the past week. You can check out these and more (recent) updates over at peppy’s development blog.

  • A new spinner design has made it into the ranks of functioning features! The new visual helps better quantify your progress throughout flailing your hand around in attempts to squeezing out those extra 1000 points.
  • The skip button has been moved to a more accessible location! The days of snapping your pointer to the left hand side to skip an intro are over. In addition to being conveniently located near the middle of the playfield, there is also a nice progress indicator of how long you have until you have to start clicking for your life (unless you toggled no-fail)!
  • osu!direct, profile, user, and multiplayer panels have been added into the game! It looks like a good portion of flyte’s designs are finally making it into the new client.

HappyStick had an opportunity to sit down with prolific players Azer and Toy to try to help new players figure out how to get better at the game. This seems to be the first in a series of videos/livestreams that Happystick will be putting out with this goal in mind. If you find yourself stuck on how to improve, you should definitely check it out!

ThePooN choked his way into 10,000pp by setting a crazy 99.17% 4x miss score on DragonForce - Soldiers of the Wasteland to give him 551pp and the No. 1 spot on the map. This map has yet to be FC’d, but we’re getting there.

After receiving a PM from HappyStick about wanting his own score to be sniped, Cookiezi delivered within minutes, setting an outstanding 99.59% HDHR FC on NU-KO - Pochiko no Shiawase na Nichijou (Long Version). That was an effortless 600pp from him...scary.

Continuing on the theme of sniping, Vaxei stole Rafis’ No. 1 spot on Camellia - Routing, setting an impressive 99.36% HD FC on the toughest difficulty to earn 530 pp. The score was set only a day after Rafis’, so their rivalry is really intense!

ankohime ascended to new heights after pulling off an incredible 99.12% HDDT FC on the marathon taiko map simo - Chou Kumikyoku "Nico Nico Douga", earning him 606pp. If you’ve got 7 minutes to spare, do check this out!

Zyph took accuracy to a whole new level in osu!mania by SSing (Various Artists) - Jumpstream Of Fighters Glorious Crown 5.79* chart. To all mania players, this must be seen!


This week, HR specialist sobatsuyu takes on equally talented mafuyu-shiina, battling it out with HRDT on Megpoid GUMI - Sorry For Being a Closet Otaku. OD 9.8 + DT is truly frightening.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a special announcement this week! I know for a fact that there’s a ton of exciting things lined up for you guys to really sink your teeth into, so make sure you keep your eyes glued to our homepage. If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see in the osu!weekly, feel free to drop me a highlight in the osu!dev discord. If you don’t quite have access or have something more lengthy to discuss, news@ppy.sh is ready to have your suggestions!