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osu!weekly #101


The time has come to open a new chapter on osu! History! A new landing page is out to show off a new face of circle clicking. Did you just come out of hibernation? Read on to find out what you slept through!

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A makeover for our website-in-progress has arrived! Though it's more likely we’ll have more people naturally appreciating it’s full glory when we replace the old website, you can check it out right now by logging out. This story and much more came from peppy’s development blog (which also happens to have a massive new button on the new landing page). If you want to get the scoops straight from the horse’s mouth, you should follow that blog closely. We’ve been slowing down since last week’s near daily updates, but there’s still plenty of content to dig in on every week!

![](https://puu.sh/vv0bl/129c821a68.png) *Pippi greets our visitors with a smile and the promise of taking over the world*

An interesting new “mapper subscription” service has popped up in the form of a discord bot! It seems to still be in the early stages of development, but already sees a surge of users much like the number of people who requested it to be in the main game. While it is still a planned feature for the main site eventually, you can go follow all your favorite mappers right now while we work out the road map for everything that has yet to come.

Voting for this season’s osu!fan-art contest is now closed! Just a look at the fantastic submissions we’ve had this time tells me that we had one of the most successful fanart contests yet. If you’ve been waiting patiently for the results to arrive, you will likely not have to wait much longer. A little birdie told me that the results are coming very soon, so keep your eyes out for the post!

Just a reminder to everyone that there has in fact been a change to how the ranking process works. The beatmap nomination group has been split up into two tiers, with each tier being able to perform different tasks to help your map through the ranking system. For information on how and what’s changed, as well as a full list of tiered BNs, please refer to the thread.

The osu!standard community mentorship program is at the start of a new cycle! This means that between the 23rd of april and the 5th of May, experienced mappers/modders can apply to be mentors in the upcoming round. For those who want to apply as a mentee, you’re gonna have to wait just a little longer when pupil applications open up on the 7th of May. The mentorship program is a great opportunity for new mappers to get further ahead in the game with the expert guidance of a much more experienced member of the community. I recommend anyone who has the initiative to learn and become better to check it out!

The SOFT (Springtime osu!mania (4K) FFA Tournament) is ironically one of the HARDest tournaments osu! has ever seen, and it is nearing its conclusion! The grand finals of the everyone for themselves madness is set to go forward this weekend. Tune in Saturday 29 at 12 UTC and Sunday 30th at 11 UTC to see the finale of the unrated brawl that can only end with one man standing!

*Maybe they should make a spinoff titled the osu!HARD tournament and have players eat cement blocks*

Registrations are open for the osu!mania PH Summer Tournament! This time, they seem to be going to also host a 7K tournament in addition to the 4K tournament they normally do. In line with its namesake, for once, this tournament is only open to those who wear the Philippine flag on their profile.

One of our players discovered that a pretty important aspect of (over)streaming has changed! A pretty big change was made to the way streams can be hit in the event of a miss. In the past, missing in the middle of the stream meant there was no way to recover the next note. While this change is reflected in a version of the game that is very much a work in progress, it seems like a pretty solid improvement on what we have right now. What do you guys think?

pishifat posted what I personally consider a fairly important video on a little history of the way the ranking system came to be! It would be an understatement to say that the way we handle beatmap ranking has come a long way, and perhaps its current form might not be immediately intuitive. If you need a refresher on how the ranking process works, head over and check it out!

Cookiezi is still an unstoppable player in the current year as he pulls off a crazy HD 45 miss pass on a 10* map, Hige Driver join. SELEN - DADADADADADADADADADA (Long Version). You might wanna stick around for the entire video. It gets pretty insane.

Ekoro is certainly MADE OF FIRE as he secured an unbelievable 99.51% HDFL FC on Niko - Made of Fire, earning himself only 269pp, but this score will not match that number at all. Strap your pants on, you are in for a wild ride to 2009 mapping!

Might as well do it with eyes closed, v2fax pulled off an unbelievable 97.69% HDHR FC on LeaF - Wizdomiot to give himself 425pp. This is something else for the 19th placed Japanese.

inteliser made it big time again as he completed an amazing SS run on UNDEAD CORPORATION - The Empress scream off ver on Jepetski’s Empress to earn himself 492pp and the No. 1 spot. An amazing score that may take a while to get beaten as no one has gotten an SS yet! Check it out straight from inteliser’s channel!


Rafis finally gets some of that sweet pp goodness from an amazing 99.30% HDDT FC play on TrySail & TRUE - High Free Spirits vs. DREAM SOLISTER on Pentark’s Extra, giving him 630pp.

More FL plays! Mawksee pulled off a stunning 97.30% HDHRFL FC on Girl's Day - Ring My Bell on the Insane difficulty to give him a mere 137pp.

Rohulk forgot how to get low accuracy and stunned people with a crazy 99.80% HDHR FC on Camellia - dreamless wanderer to earn himself 359pp and the No. 1 spot.


This week, we take a look at _yu68 and shinchikuhome as they take their limits and break it on The Limit Does Not Exist. Have a watch!

An interesting time indeed! You may have noticed that for now, the tournament section is merged with the news. This is because the tournament corner is undergoing a revamp to make sure it can bring you updates with tournaments every week, no matter what! As a result, the format will be changed and for now, special tournaments get their own place in the weekly news. If you have anything you’d like to share with us for inclusion with our publication, drop by the osu!dev discord and highlight me for my attention! We’re always looking to broaden our horizons with your stories and scoops, so don’t be shy and say hello!