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Scorewatch: August Week 4


Scorewatch wraps up the month of August with some crazy DragonForce scores, an old rrtyui score and 2 Japanese osu!taiko giants going head to head on Infected Mushroom! Read on to find out more!

WubWoofWolf has gained ranks! Sound the alarms! He also got his new top play by setting the first HDHR FC on DragonForce - Symphony of the Night with 99.17%, gaining 671pp! Watching this makes me feel a little happier inside.

Adamqs became the first player to achieve the prestigious HDHR FC on DragonForce - Revolution Deathsquad, taking an amazing 98.41% score and claiming 526pp! If you've got 8 minutes to spare, this is something you should watch!

bro_gamer72, more well known as Gayzmcgee, set his top play on HoneyWorks - Miraizu feat.Aida Miou(CV:Toyosaki Aki) with a breathtaking and unfortunate 99.17% HDDT 882x 1 miss score to earn 635pp. Without the miss, this could have knocked hvick225 from his throne! Someday, we might see that happen.

When you have played a map for about 750 times, it should be expected that you get the hang of the map. That was certainly the case for a relatively new osu!taiko player, GNKait, taking the highest ever osu!taiko pp score currently with 743pp after he scored an amazing 96.96% HDHRNCFL 817x 1 miss play on S.S.H. - Holy Orders. Your eyes aren't fooling you, the notes do not appear at all!

ExGon continues to pull off the craziest of osu!catch plays, setting a 99.83% DT 793x 1 miss score on wa. vs celas - Vajuranda and earning 852pp. No one has managed to take the FC with DT, but this man might soon!


rrtyui finally shows up on osu!archive, setting a crazy 97.35% DT 2069x 1 miss play on Jeff Williams - I Burn (Extended Remix feat. Casey Lee Williams) around 3 years ago, gaining 422pp. His number one score on this map has been dethroned, but this score still remains as one of the best ones we will see by rrtyui.

Once again, do support osu!archive (it is still ongoing on the osugame reddit), more scores are being churned out as this gets published!


Cookiezi has certainly stepped up his game after the YACA meeting, taking an outstanding 98.38% HD FC on penoreri - Preserved Valkyria on the Arles difficulty in a multiplayer lobby! All he could say was "ez".

BeasttrollMC has taken the leap of faith into the 500pp pool with a crazy 98.55% FC on DragonForce - Extraction Zone, earning himself 533pp! Recently ranked, this map stands at 6.93* and at OD9. What else can we say? He is a beast after all.


_yu68 and uone go head to head on the recently ranked map Infected Mushroom - The Legend of the Black Shawarma with HDDT!

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