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osu! Coffee Hour: Loved


Time for a second serving as the osu! Coffee Hour podcast returns once again, this time focusing on the Loved beatmap category - what happened to it, where is it going, and what is even going on? Join HappyStick, pishifat and Ephemeral as they discuss it all this coming Friday, the 1st of September, at 11PM UTC!

This week's theme

We'll be covering the somewhat controversial topic of the Loved beatmap category introduced several months ago.

Widely acclaimed and then widely reviled shortly after, the category has been the source of much discussion and disgruntlement since it's implementation in October, 2016.

This week's guests

Joining myself (HappyStick) for the discussion will be one of the community's most prolific members of the QAT, pishifat, and one of the people responsible for pushing the category in the first place, Ephemeral from the osu!team.

Together, we'll be going through why Loved is the way it is, what brought about its development in the first place, and where it will be heading in the future.


As with the first episode of the osu! Coffee Hour, we're after your questions on the topic!

Have anything you'd like to ask about Loved? Post your questions in the comments below, and we'll choose the top upvoted comments to present to the guests for discussion on the show.

When is this happening?

The next episode of the osu! Coffee Hour will be happening this Friday, the 1st of September, at 11PM UTC over at osulive.

We'll see you then!