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Community Mentorship Program Fall 2017 Signups Now Open


Have you ever thought about getting more involved in mapping and modding, but have no idea where to begin? The Community Mentorship Program might be the place for you! Read on to find out how to apply!

Since the beginning of the mentorship program in July of 2016, the program has gone through four cycles, each lasting approximately 10 weeks. Aspiring new mappers have been taught the fundamentals of mapping from experienced mappers in the community, and some have even gone on to rank their own beatmaps!

This program is a place where newer mappers can seek out personalized assistance with developing their mapping knowledge. Aside from just mapping chit-chat, the server holds other activities such as internal mapping contests for mentees, mapping lectures in a sort of classroom setting as well as playtesting each other's maps for feedback.

Did this spark your interest? If you want to apply - either as a mentor or mentee - read the forum post for cycle #5 and fill in the corresponding application forms found within!

Mentor applications are open until July 28th and mentee applications will run from July 30th to August 11th.