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Scorewatch: June Week 3


A close encounter with Airman, multiple 700pp plays and more in this week's edition of scorewatch!

filsdelama took aim, reading and accuracy to greater heights as he slammed his No. 1 Top Score and cemented his position at the top on mimimemeMIMI - Harebare Fanfare with a 1x 100 99.81% HDHRDT FC to guarantee him a whopping 765pp. You might want to see that insane leaderboard jump at 0:58.

We showcased this play on our blog, but it is something not to be showcased on the front page of osu! Either! Enter Angelsim who, and with the power of the tablet, stole the No. 2 spot on ClariS - Hitorigoto -TV MIX- with a stunning 99.22% HDHRDT FC to earn 712pp. Not bad for a player who has now 700pp plays with a mouse and, this time, with a tablet.

Could Wilchq be the next person to HDHR FC Team Nekokan - Can't Defeat Airman? Maybe, as he grabbed a 99.28% 2x miss HDHR play to earn 447pp. Watch out My Angel Serena, another European may steal that No. 1 spot very soon.

Dusk took his time, but he finally sniped [224]Hyperw7 with an insane 2x miss 99.21% NC play on wa. vs celas - Vajuranda to earn himself 847pp. This is some next level catching of fruits. Circles, I mean.

inteliser decided to show off his impressive accuracy skills on Helblinde - Memoria (Original Mix), nearly becoming the next player to SS this difficulty with a 99.98% FC, earning 482pp. What a shame that a 50 decided to come out from nowhere.


My Angel Serena, popularly known as NerO, isn’t out of the scene yet. He recently set a crazy 99.23% HD FC on Primary - Inai Sekai to steal 571pp and the No. 2 spot on the map, 2nd only to DanyL who had the same accuracy

Emilia may not have the accuracy, but he sure did have the amazing combo as he set a 96.27% 5x miss HD score on Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - Uta, gaining 504pp and the No. 2 spot on the map.

Wookiezi might have took lessons from the HDDT gods above as he stole an amazing HDDT 98.98% 2 miss score on HoneyWorks - Miraizu feat.Aida Miou(CV:Toyosaki Aki) and grabbed 615pp in the process.


The Top 2 Koreans of the osu! scene, Cookiezi and Angelsim, go head to head with HDHR on the 7* map ITO KASHITARO - Yuudachi no Ribbon.

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