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osu! at anime expo 2017


Hello everyone! It sure has been a while since I've posted a news post here (thanks to all those involved in keeping the community informed in my place as I focus on development and keeping-things-running!).

I'm here with some very exciting news: as part of our 10th anniversary celebrations, osu! is going to be present at Anime Expo 2017!

Of course I'll be there, making sure everything runs smoothly but also to greet you all and discuss the game we play and love. Firstly let's get the details out of the way and then delve further into what this involves.

Event details

Convention: Anime Expo 2017
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center
Date: July 1st to 4th, 2017
Hall: Entertainment Hall

What are we doing there?

The general plan is to have a free-play setup or around 8 PCs and plenty of gathering space. We will be running tournaments each day of the event and likely have finals at the end. There should be plenty of free merch to go around, too!

We will also be running several panels (pending approval) going further into the history of osu!, having an open Q&A session with team members and well-known community members, as well as some top-level exhibition play.

For those that can make it, tickets are still readily available. Come join us if this kind of thing interests you (especially if there's other things at the convention that piques your interest.

But I can't make it!

I understand that this is a very specific location and not everyone will be able to attend. We will be doing our best to include the wider community, with plenty of photos and documentary-style video coverage of the event after it's over.

I still do hope to visit more places in the future, so keep your fingers crossed for that :).

A huge thanks

Approaching the ten year mark, I once again need to thank every one of you for making this community what it is. We have our ups and downs, but without all you guys showing interest in the game I would not still be working on it. It's also thanks to your continuous supporter tag contributions that we can make an event like this happen, so a huge thank you to those of you that support the game.