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osu! Coffee Hour: osu!lazer


The osu! Coffee Hour is back again for another sitting, this time showcasing one of the most popular osu!-related topics on everyone's mind - osu!lazer. Have your questions about the future of the game's... everything answered in this week's session, featuring peppy and smoogipoo!

This week's theme

This week is all about osu!lazer, the project responsible for osu!'s next big step forward.

Joining me (HappyStick) in this week's sitting is none other than the lead developer himself, peppy, and one of the most active osu!devs involved with the project, smoogipoo.

Our goal is to teach you at least a couple new things about the project, even if you've already checked it out in the past.

To start out, we'll be going over everything the current public osu!lazer build has to offer, followed by an in-depth look at all its different features and what's currently in the works.


As has been the theme, we're looking for your questions!

Anything related to osu!lazer goes, so post your questions in the comments below, and we'll choose the top upvoted comments to present to the guests for discussion on the show.

When is this happening?

The next episode of the osu! Coffee Hour is happening this Friday, the 13th of October, at 11PM UTC over at osulive.

We'll see you then!