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Halloween 2017 Fanart Contest


Spooks, chills, and thrills abound! Halloween is drawing close again, and you know what that means - a fanart contest! Two hectic weeks to pen any of the osu! mascots (or community mascots) in a delightfully spooky Halloween setting, for a chance at getting your work added to the game as a seasonal background!

Halloween's quickly becoming something of an osu! staple as far as seasonal events go, given the incredible showing of last year's spookiness.

To kick off the preparations, we're hosting another Halloween-themed fanart contest, including all of the osu! community mascots!

Like last year, we'll be taking a top numbered selection of the community's favourite entries (as determined via vote) and slapping them on the osu! in-game main menu as seasonal backgrounds for everybody to admire. Each winner will also receive 2 months of osu!supporter for either themselves or a friend, or themselves and a friend, or two friends, or.. you get the idea.

The intrepid artists among us have 14 days from the date of this post to put pen to paper and render our lovable mascots in all their (terrifying) glory - so long as it is Halloween themed!

That's two weeks, for those who aren't numerically inclined. Two weeks isn't a whole lot of time either, so make sure to get cracking! We'll be holding the vote pretty much as soon as the contest closes.

(It's also Mocha's first Halloween ever. Make of that what you will, but don't leave her out of the festivities!)

Check out the rules below before you start:


  • Artists should use the custom templates provided (PSD template / PNG template) when composing their piece. The templates listed above show where the osu! cookie will be located should your entry make it to the main-menu. An osu! cookie will also be superimposed in the same spot during the voting process, so anything inside the dotted circle WILL NOT be shown either in game, or during the voting process. Also, don't leave the template visible in your work. It looks gross!
  • Entries MUST meet the resolution requirements for a main-menu piece - preferably 2732x1536. 1366x768 is acceptable if you really can't do full-sized for whatever reason, but we really really prefer 2732x1536. So does everybody else! Entries that don't meet these requirements will just be discarded at the voting phase. Eek!
  • All entries must be Halloween themed. This can be either in costume, setting, both, or more - but it has to be at least vaguely Halloween related, somehow.
  • Submit only your own work! This means NO TRACING! This is important enough that we're going to say it twice - NO TRACING! NO REDRAWING! Original content only. Don't embarrass yourself - someone will notice during the voting even if we don't. People will point fingers and laugh.
  • Don't use copyrighted characters from other intellectual properties. You can freely use any of the osu! mascots (pippi, Yuzu, Mocha, Maria) and any of the community mascots (Tama, Aiko, Taikonator, so on), but stay away from using direct representations of characters from other worlds or franchises in your work. Remember that the community mascots are also someone else's creation, so make sure to treat them with the same respect that you'd like your work treated with.

Enter over at the Halloween 2017 Fanart Contest listing!

We're looking forward to see what people come up with this year!