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Scorewatch: June Week 1


Scorewatch has spread its wings and liberated itself from the osu!weekly once and for all! The greatest of player achievements from around the community are now all in one place, coming to you directly on the front page.

Adamqs took a 50 minute stroll down memory lane as he took on the Within Temptation - The Unforgiving Marathon, slapping on HDHR to snipe WubWoofWolf with a crazy 97.79% HDHR FC to claim 358pp. If I were you, I would totally watch the whole thing.

Bubbleman broke his limits and sprinted into the top 50 with an insane 99.30% HDDT 1 miss on Yousei Teikoku - Torikago to earn himself 617pp. What a terrible choke, but do go give this guy some love!

Angelsim grabbed an 8.14* 99.94% FC on GET IN THE RING - Moonscraper live on stream, and this score would have been worth 619pp. Done with a tablet, this map consists of speedy jumps everywhere, and getting only 1 100 is very impressive. Check it out!

Abstract- sneaked in on Hatsune Miku - Mythologia's End and slapped on HDDT to claim the No. 1 spot with a 99.93% HDDT FC, grabbing 396pp. This play is as pleasing aesthetically as it is impressive.

snoverpk slammed Camellia - HELIXFOSSIL (not uploaded to the site) with an impressive 99.41% 4 miss play. This play is not to be underestimated as there are speedy rolls and jacks that the No. 1 Finnish osu!mania player tanks through. Check it out!


ExGon takes on Sponge on the scary 19* map Erehamonika remixed by kors k - Der Wald (kors k Remix).

Interested in having your say on what makes it into the weekly scorewatch posts? Join us in the Scorewatch Lounge discord server to vote on what goes into both the score show as well as the weekly posts. We also have some more cool perpetually ongoing stuff coming your way, so don't go anywhere and we'll see you next week!