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Scorewatch: September Week 3 & 4


Two for one! Chocobo, Road of Resistance, Kikoku Doukoku Jigokuraku, Milk Crown on Sonnetica and more! Check out what some of osu!'s best have been up to with this special combined issue of Scorewatch!

Toy is off to make some more insane plays, this time on Hyadain - Chocobo as he takes the first ever HDHR SS on the map to earn himself 247pp! AR7 and CS7.8 is nothing to this maestro.

idke is the next player to take the prestigious 700pp score, and doing it in some crazy fashion by snatching the first FC on BABYMETAL - Road of Resistance with 99.23% to gain 718pp! Who will be the next to take the 700pp medal? Time will tell.

Remember Hollow Wings' famous Halozy - Kikoku Doukoku Jigokuraku map? Well, it seems like the Champion Above Champions has stepped up and challenged this slider-hell map, setting an incredible 99.94% HDSD FC to take the number one spot on the map and 216pp. What is next for the Norwegian?

ThePooN has pulled off an incredible score on the Loved map nameless - Milk Crown on Sonnetica, grabbing an impressive 99.74% FC to take the number one spot on the Pure 101% difficulty. Definitely give this one a look!

Following the path of ExGon, Motion has become the first osu!catch player to hit 16,000pp, doing so by setting a crazy 99.48% DT FC on wa. vs celas - Vajuranda to earn an outstanding 1009pp on the dot. Check it out!


Bikko has not logged in for about a year now, but his scores are still magnificent till this day, as we showcase his amazing Rohi - Kakuzetsu Thanatos HDHR SS, giving him 442pp!

Once again, do support osu!archive (it is still ongoing on the osugame reddit), more scores are being churned out as this gets published!


Aireu has pulled off the incredible! He became the 2nd person to take a HR FC on Minazuki Airi with Atsushi - Daisuki, Evolution, taking the 2nd spot on the leaderboards with a 98.43% score to earn 680pp! Pretty insane for someone that was unheard of months ago!

Spare snatched the number one spot on the Loved map LiSA - EGOiSTiC SHOOTER, becoming the first player to no mod FC the hardest difficulty with 99.64%! This is one crazy score!

osu player84 is climbing faster than ever, setting the first ever HDDT SS on Agnete Kjolsrud - Get Jinxed to earn 740pp! He has been on fire ever since and has climbed to 6th in the global rankings!


They are two former number ones! Rafis takes on firebat92 on xi - Ascension to Heaven.

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