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osu!idol 2017 Finals - Community Voting Results!


Another year of osu!idol to an end. With a spectacular 12281 votes in total, this beats last year's voting by a lightyear! Thanks everyone for taking part in the community voting! Now let's get to what we're all here for - results!


Congratulations to this year's osu!idol - Renril! Their performance of Mafumafu - Rinne Tensei has gathered a total of 7207 votes which places them in first place! In second place we have Will Stetson's performance of Kaai Yuki - Ikanaide accumulating 3344 votes! Third place goes to Thievley with their performance of Flyleaf - All around me netting 1730 votes! Applause for the outstanding talent from our winners.

Here are the MP3s to the performances.


It's been a pleasure to experience another great year of singing talents. A big thank you to the community for making all of this possible! By all means it's not over. We'll be back again next year to bring you more musical goodness. Don't forget to drop by our Discord server for chat, karaoke and the imminent announcements for next year's installment. That is all from us for now! See you again soon!