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osu! Coffee Hour: Global Moderation Team


Always wondered why people seem so fascinated with coconut milk and banelings? How silences work? Who are the Global Moderation Team, and what do they do? Tune in to this week's episode of the osu! Coffee Hour to find out!

This week's theme

This week, we're dedicating the episode to the Global Moderation Team, or GMT for short. Joining me (HappyStick) this Friday will be deadbeat and WalterToro.

The GMT are essentially the backbone of the game's community, keeping the in-game chat and forums in check, as well as being reputable members who often host and help host other community projects for others to enjoy.

deadbeat is a long-term GMT who started 4 years ago, with a wide-range of experience in a variety of fields - from managing forums to assisting in community projects like the osu!academy, the osu!talks and more.

WalterToro will be joining us with a fresher perspective - having been a member of the GMT for around only 6 months, focusing on the Spanish side of the community. Since then, he's become something of a mainstay within the team.

Together, we'll be shedding some light on the history of the team, taking a little peek into how the back-end procedures that govern the game actually work, and the vision for it all moving forward.


As per usual, we're looking for your questions!

Anything you'd like to know about filters? Controversial situations in the past? How specific things work behind the scenes? Post your questions in the comments below.

We'll choose the top upvoted comments to present to the guests for discussion on the show.

There are some questions that we can't field for you though - namely ones about individual users who have been recently restricted, or questions surrounding the support team who commonly handle ban appeals and the like. Try and keep your questions related to the things the GMT can handle.

When is this happening?

The next episode of the osu! Coffee Hour will be happening this Friday, the 17th of November, at 11PM UTC over at osulive.

We'll see you then!