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Scorewatch: August Week 3


Scorewatch is back with more crazy plays from the community! We got a 700pp score, we got Rafis domination, and we got a new osu!catch number one! Are you as excited as we are? Read on!

kablaze takes the spotlight for this article as he stomps dj TAKA - quaver with an earth-shattering HDHR 99.77% 2x miss score to earn his first 700pp score (exactly rounded up)! To think that he only got 1x 100 after all this blows our minds. This is incredible.

A score that was almost replicated 4 years back! Rafis steals the 2nd spot on xi - FREEDOM DiVE with an unbelievable 99.93% FC to take 538pp! Cue flashbacks to Cookiezi's 99.97% FC play back in 2013!

Rafis continues his dominance on this article as he sets the number one score on xi - Ascension to Heaven with an unfortunate 98.98% 2555x 1 miss play to snag 637pp - an FC could have been worth more than 660pp! Will this map finally be conquered soon? Maybe it might, but in the meantime, you will have to check out this insane score!

Motion has taken the number one spot in osu!catch for the first time! To celebrate this, here is the man himself setting the an impressive 99.19% NC FC on Hitsuji to Ojisan - XENO to claim 1004pp! Congratulations!

EtienneXC tears up Evening's Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - FUBUKI by setting an amazing 99.65% FC. Standing at 4:14 mins of drain time, this play tests a player's control and stamina limits. With an accuracy like this, it's not doubt Etienne is one of the craziest 4K players out there today!


We blast ourselves back to 2015 where rustbell, known for his technical ability in maps, took an amazing 99.57% HDFL FC on IOSYS - Kanbu de Todomatte Sugu Tokeru ~ Kyouki no Udongein to earn 211pp. Honestly speaking, you have to see it to believe it.

Once again, do support osu!archive (it is still ongoing on the osugame reddit) as they approach a week of amazing old scores!


The one and only MinG3012 is back as he sets a brilliant 58.12% HDHR FC on marina - Towa yori Towa ni to earn 298pp. This is one crazy score.

Circle size 9.1? Not a problem for Adamqs, securing a breathtaking 97.15% HDHR FC on Moonbaby - Here We Go to earn himself 238pp. Frightening to watch, but what an amazing score it is!

Flask may be a stranger to some, but he makes an appearance this week after he set a crazy 99.48% HDHR FC on xi - Akasha to take 572pp and the number three spot, beating out Adamqs himself! What a way to get your top score!


2 Polish greats, WubWoofWolf and Wilchq duke on the map positive MAD-crew - Mynarco Addiction with HDHR enabled!

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