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Mocha in Summer Fanart Contest Results


With over sixty blisteringly hot entries, the competition was fierce in Mocha's first ever fanart contest. Check out the winning ten entries, now available in an osu! client near you!

Welcoming in Mocha with the biggest showing in any fan art contest we've ever held so far, the Mocha in Summer contest was truly something to behold, with over sixty stupendously talented artists putting forward their work for the community to enjoy.

Each member of the community had five agonizing choices to make, for we can only have ten winners in the end, despite all of the amazing entries we saw.

Without further ado, let us present the winners:

Exploding into first place with a whopping 1595 votes is joori's stunningly colourful rendition of Mocha playing the taiko drums before a Shinto shrine.

As captivating as it is cute, joori took everything Mocha about Mocha and made it more Mocha. From the colouring to the intricate detail on her dress (with matching motif on the shrine itself) and the cameo of two well-loved mascots from the Taiko no Tatsujin games, this is easily one of the best fan art entries we've ever seen.

Astonishingly good. joori walks away with 8 months of osu! supporter status for this superb piece.

Snatching second place with 1103 votes, Sylux6's sensational summer swimsuits scored a place in our hearts.

Featuring both pippi and Mocha enjoying some time at the beach, Sylux6 brought us more of their signature style, sporting an abundance of compelling colours and even a distinctly stacked twist on our lovely mascots.

Enjoy the five months of osu!supporter to tide you through the coming colder months!

Sizzling with summer heat and stealing 981 votes, shoriisna surfs their way to third place with a striking portrayal of Mocha and the much-loved Taikonator!

Evocative and so very, very summer, shoriisna's piece was rife with sea, sky, and wind abound. Lounging about on the seafront with a popsicle and the Taikonator enjoying some pp-brand cola, what more could you ask for?

shoriisna rides the waves of votes to four months of osu!supporter and the approval of those who like their Mocha a little more.. mature. Yowza.

Set to a mesmerizing background of summer festival fireworks, Amumizu awed the crowed, scoring 898 votes.

With Mocha hard at work on the drums while pippi and Tama watch, Amumizu's festival-fueled entry struck all the right beats. Set before a scintillating firework firmament, there's simply nothing else to say but wow.

Candy apples aren't the only thing sweet with this entry as Crowie nabs 864 votes with her stunning portrayal of Mocha before a background of fireworks!

Not content to simply leave her character design for the community to run with, Crowie couldn't help but show us more of that striking characterization that saw Mocha come to life in the first place.

Awash in movement and beautifully rendered colour, her work is every bit as impressive as you'd expect from the mind behind the design.

Featuring Aiko and Mocha in a osu!taiko-print bikini, Evaine's captivating entry stole the hearts of 846 voters.

Lounging on pristine sands and enjoying some beachfront snacks, Evaine's portrayal of the winning osu!taiko mascots is strangely comfortable despite the sizzling heat.

[ Piyori ] pulls out all the stops with a striking rendition of Mocha enjoying the shallows, scoring 778 votes!

The only thing being let down in this entry is Mocha's hair, as a chibipippi floats about with a watermelon strapped to her head in the background. Simple, but beautifully executed.

Perhaps one of the unsung heroes of the contest, snowyani2000's incredible entry fuses years of osu!'s history together with its newest mascot to create something truly amazing, scoring 731 votes!

Enter the endless rabbit-hole of osu! history with snowyani2000's outstanding entry, which explores dozens of osu! names and references in the form of cameo characters. The more you look, the deeper it goes!

How many can you spot?

This one was a favourite among the osu!team. Super imaginative, and super inclusive.

Simple and clean, Snow--'s superb rendition of a smiling Mocha enjoying the beachfront scored 636 votes!

There's jokes to be made about Mocha's seaweed hair, but how could you make fun of her when she's that adorable? Snow-- captures every bit of that insidious cute and brings it to bear in a smile that rivals the summer sun for warmth.

Making a splash in the shallows and in the votes, Ringarune's captivatingly beautiful shot of Mocha scored 568 votes!

Wonderfully rendered colour and movement lend a compelling touch to Ringarune's piece, capturing all of Mocha's glorious tones washed with the faintest touch of the sea.

We were so blown away by the sheer scope of this contest. We'd never imagined Mocha would be so wildly popular among the artists of our community, and this contest has truly been something special for her and for the osu!community at large.

We'd like to extend our utmost thanks to every artist who participated, and a hearty well-done for those in the top ten.

The finalists listed here will all receive 2 months of osu!supporter for their efforts, and their wonderful works will be featured as seasonal in-game backgrounds from now until summer ends in osu!.

You can also check out all of the other entries over at the official contest listing. You may download all of the entries without the osu! cookie present by using this link.

See you next time!