Halloween 2017 Fanart Contest

EGADS! It's time to decide the spookiest of the spookiest in this all-star lineup of LUDICROUSLY good fanart entries.

You get FIVE votes to place.

Make them count. This is the true horror of Halloween - having so many options, and so little choices!

  • The top however many winning pieces will be displayed in the main-menu screen in-game. We know we said 10 in the contest announcement, but there's SO many amazing entries this year that we might take more.
  • We've automagically put the osu!cookie in all of the shots so you don't have to imagine what it'll look like in-game.
  • Remember, the theme is Halloween. If it doesn't fit the season, it shouldn't get your vote!
  • Look at every entry carefully for hidden references. Artists frequently hide little things in their work for diligent viewers to find.
Voting for this contest has ended