Game Modes

External ports

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Playable ports of osu! game modes.

One of the criteria below must be satisfied to be allowed here:-

  • It must be able to read/parse the beatmap (specifically, .osu) files without errors.
  • It must emulate at least one of the osu! game modes.

Official ports

Ports done by the osu! team.



  • osu! icon osu!stream: Experience the new spin-off of the osu! game mode for the iOS developed from grounds up.
    • Some beatmaps may require micro-transaction. Deprecated due to inactivity of new beatmap packs/features.

Unofficial ports

Ports done by the community of osu!.


  • osu! icon opsu! [Windows/OS X/Linux/Android]: Java port of osu! chiefly done by itdelatrisu with fluddokt providing support for Android version.
  • osu!taiko icon T-Aiko! v2 [Android/iOS]: osu!taiko mode ported by (Guy-kun) team with new daily ranked challenge and refined T-Aiko! leaderboard.
    • osu!taiko icon T-Aiko! v1 [Android]: Deprecated Taiko special game mode developed by Guy-kun.



  • osu! icon Beats v1.75 FINAL: Old Stepmania/ancient osu! port by Keripo.
    • The final build is 1.7.5b as in 10 April 2014 (2014-04-10). Previous builds can be found here. Please note that the osu! mode is based on osu! as in February 2011 and there will be no support for osu! mode (superseded by osu!droid since August 2011) in Beats 2.
  • osu! icon osu!droid: osu! port developed by Pesets. Broken due to no support for newer beatmap version and the disappearance of the original developer.



  • osu! icon osu! iPhone: Ancient osu! port developed by nuudles for jailbroken iOS. Deprecated due to disappearance of the original developer and the age of the program.

Windows Phone

  • osu! icon osu!wp: osu! port developed by cxy783670568