osr2mp4 public release. Automatically convert replay file to video.

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After a few months I’ve managed to make an app that convert osu replays to mp4 videos in few clicks.
All you need to do is to choose the replay you want to convert and click the "Start" button.

You can download the app here:
For more information about the app:

A sample video using osr2mp4:

I would appreciate feedbacks and issues, just send me a message via discord: or open an issue on github.
Special thanks to -freez for the big brain design.

Enjoy the program!

  1. Change ValueError(‘Problem with video writer’) to a more detailed error.
  2. Fix app crash when selecting osu folder:
    1. try catch when replay are corrupted
    2. try catch when beatmap is not found in osu.db since it’s not updated for new downloaded beatmap
    3. try catch when fail to parse scores.db
  3. Fix audio when set volume to 0%
  4. Background delay when using dt or ht fix
  5. Can’t render scorev2 replay fix (by using scorev1 system)
  6. Fix using wrong hp bar (fix not using @2x file when animated image file doesn’t exist)
  7. Fix continuous cursor trail (math domain error)
  8. Weird character in skin name fix
  9. Improve skin.ini parse (fix keyerror and others stuffs)
  10. Fix parsing replay gives NoneType object is not subscriptable
  11. Fix hitcircle border not loading
  1. Show mods during replay
  2. Output name in another textbox
  3. Customisable output name, ex: {Map} played by {Player} at {PlayDate} video rendered at {Date} {Accuracy}%.mp4
  4. Customisable PP counter. CustomPP.exe
  5. Fix no spinner with some skin
  6. Hide combo during breaks
  7. Fix animation for fps > 60 (? not sure if it’s fixed)
  8. Fix scrollbar does weird shit
  9. Fix clipping line during ranking screen on some skin
  10. Add song delay option
  11. Fix grade sometimes it shows D rank instead of C rank
  12. Fix key error on CHUJ kurwa map (due to wrong slider speed)
  13. Add unstable rate at the end of the replay
  14. Fix wonky kick slider
  15. Fix relax plays doesn’t work properly
  16. Accuracy position is fucked up with special resolution fix
  17. Update spinner (margin error of spin bonus score is +- 1k, instead of 10k lol)

really hope this works without major flaws, testing it myself

yeah it works perfectly just make sure you set your output file to end in .mp4 because avis suckk
really good job!!!
god bless
Amazing feature :D
Not DT Farmer
wow it seems useful
I love you.
absolutely legendary. replay channels and users alike will remember this forever. Thank you!
This is insanely good work! bravo

Just tested it myself rn and it worked great. This has been talked about forever but never made so massive credit for finally doing it!!!


Edit: I just had a random crash with no error message? may have just been my system or a bad map. Also I'd suggest making .mp4 the default export if possible since its more often used and people are more familiar with it

great work nonetheless!!!

Edit2: Ok i found a problem

I realized for some reason (even though i disable mouse input in game), it appears as if i click and use mouse 1 every now and then, it isn't a massive problem, but an issue none the less
i remember we had one of these at some point, but its sadly abandoned now, glad to see people come back to it again, i really like the idea
thanks for doing this <3
Umm Hello, i got problem when i choose my osr, when i click open the program closed, and then i got error message how i fix this?
This information is worth millions.
That's actually really handy ! And also weird because i was wondering about something like that last nigtht haha what a coincidence :)

Asterllia- wrote:

Umm Hello, i got problem when i choose my osr, when i click open the program closed, and then i got error message how i fix this?
I found out that you have to switch to another skin, for example using default osu skin solves this problem
this tool is actually insane, thanks for developing it <3

this is going to save me a lot of time and hassle with uploading replays
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Asterllia- wrote:

Umm Hello, i got problem when i choose my osr, when i click open the program closed, and then i got error message how i fix this?
Fixed, click on the update button.
Zelzatter Zero
And I'm here thinking .osr can't be converted into .mp4...

This is interesting.
App lags upon clicking start for newest detected replay exported, after few seconds showing information about timeout error, app will force quit itself upon accessing settings tab; is there any way to fix it?
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