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EDIT: the osu! wiki project has been moved to GitHub, find it here. To join the show and start contributing, read osu! wiki Contribution Guide first.

Initial version of the post

osu! now has a wiki dedicated to all sorts of information about everything osu! related

you can access it here:

please log in and start adding content!
Time to write some stuff.
I can't log in in Chrome, it just downloads index.php
I have the latest stable version

LunaticMara wrote:

Time to write some stuff.
Now I wonder where I should start. :P
I cant seem to write anything on taiko because the link redirects back to the category and you cant write in categories to well.

nvm I got a little blurb up. First time using the wiki though :D
I am new to using wikis and things. I would like to make a category under beatmapping on how to make a decent and clean normal difficulty since I special in those, though. :3

I just added few screenies in there for now.

I need some sleep.
Damn I need a tutorial on how to add pictures and paragraphs (without putting everything in a blue code box).
Uh oh.
Wiki pages based on players = no,

So anyway, this is good idea
Can't figure out how to write a new page, so I put stuff in the Modding category page instead. If somebody else can handle/edit things then that would be nice.
Create a link to it first, then click the new red link.
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or just enter the page name you want directly into the URL, replacing the one you're currently on
Ah, okay, thank you both. ^_^

EDIT: Did some more stuff. I gotta write some papers now, though, so I'll add more tomorrow.
I fixed a couple grammatical errors, but there is a shitload more. I also think that people should stop adding random players in the wiki with stupid descriptions. Its probably a good idea to take the wiki seriously this time around.
So, about articles in other languages.

If I'm making a translation, should it be FI:FAQ:Installation or in Finnish FI:UKK:Asennus?

Forget that, why am I so stupid?

For now, there's FI:FAQ:Installation.
Thanks to whoever fixed my taiko description. I hope you follow me around the wiki until I learn how to fix stuff mahself.

Edit: Wrote up a quick CTB description. If someone who knows how to work a wiki can turn the category description into it's own page (so I can upload pictures and stuff), that would be nice.

Edit2: If someone can change the redirect from "CatchTheBeat" to "Catch The Beat" it will link to the new page. :3
okay, i worked like a slave.

time for a little break.

i'm surprised no one has made a peppy page yet.

also @post above me, should've been Catch The Beat, not CatchTheBeat D:
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