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Hey, just a quick Idea I had that would make the life of a bunch of tournament hosts easier.

Recently I noticed that map pool selectors here and there don't provide single download links - Sometimes because it's a hassle, sometimes because they forgot it until shortly before the match weekend.

The collection export feature should work similarly to a skin export, just that it contains a bunch of direct-download magnet links for osu! itself.
This could be done in the shape of one (or two - read below) buttons in the Collection's right-click menu.
(Also let's face it, the delete button should be pretty lonely by now.)

Open the file with osu! - Boom. 20 maps added to osu!direct download queue.

This would obviously be a supporter only feature. (Unless peppy says something else who knows)

A possible expansion for non-supporters would for example be an extra option (to tick or select during the exporting process) that doesn't add o!d links, but instead compiles the collection's maps into a file - could be a .rar or an own format, it's really just about being practical here.

I am not sure how far this violates against point 7 of the request guidelines, but given that the tournament scene has it's own subforum and dozens of different tournaments happen every month, I suppose it's no waste to at least talk about making it a tad easier for organizers.

(Also I'm not much of a "pretty forum post person", so please bear with text. No I won't MSPaint screenshots to show how I want it - The feature should be functional and not necessarily have to be all-fancy.)

Edit: Chairman Zhao actually suggested to me that it would be pretty cool to actually add all those songs to a new collection in the "target player's" game.

Edit2: When I made this post, a group of programmers reached out to me pretty soon and told me they would create a tool for this.
p/5798594/ Read on here, if you are interested. It is an external solution, but works wonderfully ;)
Peppy pls
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