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Buy here

Hey all,

I love using the tatacon, it's loads of fun! What's not so fun is the 50ms lag from Bluetooth, keeping my Wiimote around, paired, charged... Introducing the Tatacon to USB adapter!

  1. 1KHz update rate. Delay is completely imperceptible. Tested here.
  2. Sweet LEDs (can be turned off)
  3. Responds so fast you can bounce your sticks and get multi hits. Can be turned off with Debounce feature.
  4. Tested working on official, Hori and knockoff controllers
  5. Windows, Linux, Mac compatible +cross platform Chrome app for configuration
  6. Config app allows future firmware updates to add more features
  7. No drivers required!
  8. Open source
Price is $25USD shipped anywhere.

Original post:
After big delays, the first boards have arrived! Buy them here.

So I wasted a day to make this:

USB on one end, tatacon on the other!

Firmware is unwritten but I've done HID + I2C before, so should be fairly easy. I just wonder if there is any want for something like this from the community? I have no idea how many people use the tatacon :S Cost would be looking about $20 if my calculations are correct.

Also I have no idea if this should go here or the taiko forum, so feel free to move it if need be...
I think Development is the right place ;)

Also check out this feature request if you're still worried about lack of interest: t/225566. I think lots of people will be interested to know more about what you're doing.
Is this really lagless?
If so, take all my money
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Lag should be at or under 8ms. Considering that most keyboards have this much lag (125Hz update rate) and I feel them to be lagless, it should be imperceptible. :)

I've gone and ordered the PCBs, initial prototype within 3 weeks :)
Yeah, it is lagfree, i did the same with my tatacon but i wired it to my arduino.
It was messy, but the main problem why i don't use it is because the sensors works really bad. I've two tatacons.
One of them was a fake one from china and the other one was the original one. The sensors were bad both of them.

better wait for the tatakon from Hori It'll get released at 4.12 this year
Looks cool consider me interested
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Bad news for impatient people - the boards arrived, but due to a datasheet error and my impatience, the nunchuck connector won't fit the PCB.

No matter however, because I've made a new version of the board and am sending it off to be manufactured tonight - it improves upon the old one by guaranteeing 1ms response times and fixing the connector. 3 weeks more waiting for China :S

Sorry for the delay, but I figured I'd keep people up to date on development :)

And a picture of the bad boards, so people know I'm not just fluffing about ;)
PCB Art <3
Hi, it's great if we can connect the tatacon without using wiimote / bluetooth, and there is problem to my bluetooth too. I can't even play it properly.
How is the development now?
I can't wait to see the finished product.
Wish you can make it soon and teach us. :3
P.S. I didn't reply but I've been checking this post everyday!!
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Yeah, Christmas rush delayed me a bit :S

I've just realised I forgot to order the actual USB connector, so there's going to be a 5 business day wait until that appears...

I might end up just taking apart a USB cable and connecting that instead, but I'll keep this updated all the same :)
This showed up in the mail today so i am keen to see how good it is
It is also way bigger than i expected, the monitor in the background is a 27" for some perspective
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As a fellow 27" monitor user... Holy crap that drum is big! Better speed up my development efforts, keen to see how that performs.
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People with circuit making experience might understand the monumental failure I made with this board:

...That aside, with some awful fixes I now have a working prototype. Firmware is next, then software to configure what buttons the drum activates. Hopefully it'll be finished by the time the next (fingers crossed, the final) prototype arrives from the fab :)

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Sorry for the lack of updates, I recently started a full time internship and have been pretty low on time to do stuff like this.

I've got the prototype working now, but there's still a 15-20ms input lag. Currently determining whether this is an issue with my controller or whether the tatacon actually has inherent lag (I hope not!).
No worries man take your time all looks pretty sweet so far, even if it might have a bit of lag it should still have better latency than Bluetooth and not having to pair the controller each time i want to play is a big bonus too.
What is the difference between this and the converter outside? But surely the circuit board art is fantastic ww
Damn your soldering is really neat :D
Nice job!
Hey there yo, just a little bump to let you know there's still interest in this project ;)
I'd be interested in this as well; just have to go pick-up another Tatacon (regrettably sold the Wii and PS2 ones I had).

A quick idea on the latency; can the converter do 1000Hz polling rate? Not sure what the device itself has to have as a requirement, but you can force polling rates on most USB devices with a custom driver/service in Windows, and possibly a program in Linux.

On a slightly different matter; how would this adapter compare to wusbmote?
How is it now?
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