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Program to Unzip masive amount .osz Files to Osu! Game.

This program is to be able to massively extract huge amounts of .osz files, considering that the installation of several songs using the game is considered slow when there are more than a thousand files.

It offers several options:

- Can extract beatmaps without overwriting, only complemented.
- You can delete extracted .osz files or move them to another directory.
- Provides statistics if errors occur when extracting and replaced files in case of enabling that option. "And a status bar."

There will be 3 fields, the last one is omitted if the delete option is selected when extracting. (.osz).

1.- The first field is the folder containing all the .osz files you want to extract (there may be other files and directories inside, you will not have problems)

2.- The second field is the folder where the .osz will be extracted (each beatmap will be created in its individual folder)

(The first and second fields can be the same, for example: '' ... / Songs '' and '' ... / Songs '')

3.- The third field is where after extracting beatmaps, .osz files will be moved, if needed.


Release Content:
- Osu!unZip.jar (Stable)
- Osu!unZip.exe (For practical use and beauty icon (?))
Works in 32bits-64bits, still requires Java to run.

Need Java 1.7 or higher!


Also for educational purposes and improvements I uploaded the project to Github with the License GPLv3.
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