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Slider Creator Tool

Draw out a slider and automatically translate the exact shape into a slider in game editor.


Java version 1.7 or above required!

Once downloaded, make sure SliderCreator.jar and files are in the same directory



  1. Have your map open in editor
  2. Double click .jar file
  3. Navigate to .osu file of your map
  4. After clicking "Select File", a drawing interface should pop up.
  5. Using your mouse/tablet/trackpad, draw whatever your desired shape for the slider is. Keep in mind that the drawing area is the same dimensions as the osu play field so scale your drawing to that.
  6. Do not unclick and then try to finish your slider again. Do not go outside of the border. If you make a mistake, click "Clear" and start again.
  7. After you have drawn a satisfactory slider, click "Transform"
  8. When asked how many beats, type in how many beats you want the slider to take up.
  9. After clicking the next button, you should be taken to a window that says "Completed"
  10. To check your slider, switch back to the osu! window, exit WITHOUT SAVING and re-enter the map. Your slider should appear one beat after the last note.
  11. If you want to move the slider earlier or later in the timeline, make sure you also move the generated inherited point in addition to the slider itself.

If double clicking the .jar doesn't do anything:

  1. Run command prompt (Windows key -> 'cmd' -> Enter)
  2. Navigate to the directory that the downloads are in ("cd C:\Users\your username on your pc\..." -> Enter)
  3. Type "java -jar SliderCreator.jar" -> Enter
  4. It should now run. If not, you probably don't have the latest version of java


Known bugs

  1. Pixel length calculator is incorrect. If anyone knows the correct algorithm for accurately determining pixel length relative to the anchor points and not the bpm, please let me know


Future goals

  1. Incorporate perfect shapes (circle, square, star, etc.) that you can drag to enlarge
  2. Display light shadow of previous note/slider so user can make slider aesthetically interact with previous
  3. Pen pressure/weighted cursor(?)



This is my first project related to osu!. If there are any issues, please reply to the thread and don't be afraid to find me in game.

Images may or may not be coming soon.


Thanks and Happy Mapping!!
ayy this sounds great for lazy people like me c:
Interesting project! I'm taking it for a test drive later!
wow, great job on this :)
btw it would be nice if not too many slider points gets needed for the action, for example:

my osu! crashed after it lol
I love this! I always had problems with slider shapes x3
Perfect. Awesome tool!
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