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Mapping Tools

Here's the program that has a bunch of cool mapping tools all in one place!
Also there are automatic backups, automatic updates and many more features for your convenience.

It's open source and it's still under development so expect even more features and improvements in the future.

Logo by Karoo13

Fan art by wiwit

Here's a list of all the tools included in Mapping Tools and a little explanation:

  1. Map Cleaner cleans greenline usage, resnaps greenlines, hitobjects and bookmarks + more
  2. Metadata Manager edit metadata of a whole mapset in one place and remove duplicate tags
  3. Property Transformer transforms various properties of objects in a way the editor doesn't let you
  4. Slider Merger merges multiple sliders into one big slider regardless of path type
  5. Slider Completionator changes duration and pixellength of one or more sliders
  6. Timing Copier copies timing between maps and automatically resnaps
  7. Timing Helper helps you fix timing on off-beat sounds
  8. Hitsound Copier copies hitsounds from A to B with a lot of extra options
  9. Hitsound Studio lets you make osu! std hitsounds in a completely new way
  10. Hitsound Preview Helper places hitsounds on objects based on their position
  11. Rhythm Guide extracts the rhythm from multiple maps so you can map to them all
  12. Geometry Dashboard overlays geometry over your editor so you can easily make perfect geometry
  13. Combo Colour Studio tool for making colour haxing without having to redo everything for a single change.
  14. Sliderator tool for making accelerating sliders and streams.
  15. Auto-fail Detector detects and fixes auto-fail in 2B maps.
  16. Pattern Gallery tool for sharing collections of patterns between maps and people.

Get started
  1. Download and install Mapping Tools from the website.
  2. Open the program and read the 'Get started' on the startup page.
  3. In case your osu or songs folder is located in an odd location you can set that in Option>Preferences
  4. Read the documentation to find out what everything does and look at the tutorials to get an idea of what you can do with every tool.

If you find a bug or have any suggestions tell me on discord: OliBomby#3573

Download the latest version from the website

Open source

Future plans
  1. Metadata Manager
  2. Timing Copier
  3. Modding assistant tool Mapset Verifier by Naxess
  4. Combo Colour Studio
  5. Tool for making accelerating streams
  6. Tool that helps you make perfect patterns while mapping
  7. Hitsound Studio importing from storyboarded samples
  8. Different export options for Hitsound Studio
  9. Converting automatic stacks to manual stacks
  10. Hotkeys that make tool operation super fast
  11. Tool for making variable velocity sliders by Karoo13
  12. Rounding values in your map before saving thing
  13. Never having to save your beatmap
  14. Doing better ctrl+G on bezier sliders thing by Karoo13
  15. Adding these tools to osu!lazer

I made this together with Potoofu. I did most of the programming and he did the website. The initial idea of putting all tools in one program was also his.
Thanks Karoo13 for making the logo and editor memory reading magic.
The cute people in the Rabbit Hole discord helped me test all the tools so it should be mostly bug free.
im sweating wtfffff
Shikibe Mayu
Mapping is saved!!!
Thank you
thank you olibomby OSU
This is a bless for the world of mapping! Thank you so much for all this hard work!
i'll have to try this if i ever feel motivated to map ever again lol
Pfft overrated. Back in my day people actually put in hard work and effort to do this physical labour and could take pride in it. This assistance thingy is an unholy spawn of Satan himself and by using it you are willingly ruining mapping with cheap trickery.
oh good i can make garbage 5% faster now
yaaaaaaaaa nice oli ur god
This is already a pretty great program, and looks like future plans are only gonna make it better :D
could these just be features that come into lazer natively tbh
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LowAccuracySS wrote:

could these just be features that come into lazer natively tbh
I'm planning to push the same features to osu! Lazer when the lazer editor becomes actually usable.
This is so cool !!
actually huge
download when
I Am concerned
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