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Mania Column Centering

So after a friend asked me to I wrote a little program that will calculate the ColumnStart value for which your mania playfield is centered on your screen.

The program looks like this:

Screen width & Screen height are pretty much self explanatory and are automatically detected for the computer you are running the program on. You can also enter an aspect ratio here such as 4:3 or 16:9.

Column sum
The column sum, the sum of all the widths of the columns. So it's the sum of all the number on the following line in your mania file / skin.ini:
ColumnWidth: 46, 46, 46, 46

To input this value into the program there are 3 possible methods:
1. You can input the sum.
2. You can input a , separated list of values. For example: 46, 46, 46, 46
3. You can input it as the product of two numbers. So for the example I gave above it could be 4 * 46.
4. You can have the program directly modify your .ini file.

And don't forget to check the radio button for the method you want to use.

And after you've done all that the value for the ColumnStart field is displayed in the Result field.

That's all, I hope this is useful for someone :)


(Java required)
Windows executable
Runnable Java Archive

GitHub repository: link
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