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I everyone few time ago i did a script to calcul approch rate depending of the bpm of a osu! standard mode beatmap. I would like to share it to you and obtains feedbacks.

I am a casual player, i often take beatmaps and try only 3/4 times a map and follow the rythm cause i like the song/maping my goal is not really to rank, i just chill etc ... (im still able to pass some "hard" map 6*+)

My point here is, i was always wondering why some beatmaps , at a first try, give an awesome feeling, when some others are like cancers maps and totally unreadable.

(some maps can be fun because cancer maping but it's another topic, here we talk about feeling)

So i tried a lot beatmaps (really) and noted best BPM/AR ratio which give me great feeling ast first time, it's very important.

Here are some i noticed some "epics" ratio, when you tried these new maps and are like "mygad this one so good" => asked to a friend too he was ok with

So why was those ratio so good at first try of the map and so readable ? and that's where i noticed something interesting : when you see aprox about 3 hitcircles on the screen for jumps you got the good ratio.

Why it's good ? i personnaly think it's because what you see is in good correlation of what your heard, and everyone know that brain tends analyse good ratio much more easier

SO, after all this i created a little calculator to correct the AR of my maps depending of bpms.

here it is !

just tip the bpm and click convert...

If you want to try it quickly, take a random beatmap you know well, edit it and try.

Hope it will help some peoples to making epic beatmaps :D


My position about approach rate :

we definitely need fine tuning in the editor to have more possibility especially for ar 10+
we need to be able to adjust ar if bpm of the map change (i think a lot of people asked this)

hope we will get it in the new client
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