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Otaku Overclocks presents:
The osu!ocm Collection Management Tool

This tool is an easy way to export and share your map collections with other users!
Want to revolutionize the way you share tournament map pools?
Want to send your friend your cool new technical map collection?

Now it's easier than ever, because Otaku Overclocks made it happen!

Export Collections from osu! using the brand new .osc file extension!
Import Collections to osu! using .osc files from your friends or tournament hosts!
Built-In Map download feature! (Including bloodcat support)
In-App Tournament Management
  • Brackets
    Matchups + MP Links and additional stats
    Assign mappools with .osc files
    Permissions for Tournament Hosts, staff and participants
If you have any feature suggestions or want to provide beta-feedback, join our Discord's dedicated osu!ocm beta-test channel!

You can download the tool here!
For bug reports please refer to the GitHub Repository!

It is entirely open-source, so if you have any security concerns feel free to delve through the code and verify it for yourself! :)

We are aware of EgorDm's Spelling and are working on a fix. :^)

Edit: Note - Current core functionality is finished (Thus Completed Projects Forum), however additional features are planned for an upgraded version. Read above.

v0.2.1 change: The Program flagged a false positive antivir alert on some devices. The new release should fix this. If you do not trust the release, refer to the code, if in doubt compile yourself.
Thank you Yulia <3
Thanks this is sweet
Hello is there another discord server for collections or something I have a question but nobody wants to help me so I want to join the server plz my brain is melting
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