std/ctb/taiko to mania beatmap converter (lua/love2d)

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It is a simple program writed on lua using love2d framework which converts maps of all modes to mania. Firstly it converts them to taiko, and then to mania.
This converter has a simple interface with 3 options:
1 - alternation type
2 - double enable/disable
3 - holds enable/disable
To convert maps put them in the program's folder and click start-x32 or start-x64. Change setiings if you want and click "convert" button. In the same folder will be created new .osu files with "[l2m]" postfix in difficulity name which you can put back to beatmap's folder.
This program is a part of lua-mania.
Source: (tmp/t2m.lua)
Sorry for my english.
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